A Sad Day

tony-harts-funeral-ppuk001Today was the funeral of Tony Hart, a great Childrens TV presenter and it would appear, an all-round nice chap.

The funeral was held near to his family home in Shamley Green, near Guildford. It seemed to be for family and friends only, as there were not very many of his celebrity friends, we were half expecting Rolf Harris and possibly Sylvester McCoy, in the end there were Kirsten O’Brien and Cliff Michelmore, plus one that I think I recognised, but couldn’t put a name to, it is the last picture in the sequence.

There were a number of eulogies from his children and others, as to be expected. There were a few misty eyes after the event. He was taken from the church to a cremortotium and it is expacted that there will be a memorial service later in the year. (That is to say, that I would expect there to be a memorial service).

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What a day

holly-willoughby-ppuk0012There will be a couple of posts today, one about the new amendment to the Anti-Photographer Act 2000 (Sorry should read Anti-Terror Act) and the one about today’s jobs, firstly left home at stupid o’clock this morning to have a look at a story that I had received a tip off about, which unfortunately didn’t pan out. The second story was about a bunch of feckless, retards, who……Hang on I will talk about the rozzers later. These Feckless, work-shy retards are squatters that are squatting in a 13 million house in London’s Mayfair area, according to LBC Radio they were due to be rousted by the bailiffs and the rozzers after a court order for eviction was agreed yesterday. It turned out to be wrong.

So third attempt at a job eventually worked out, a picture of Holly Willoughby who is very pregnent. Job Jobbed. Sorry but I can’t tell you anymore…yet.

Only Papers to use the story to date was the Daily Mail Click Here and the Sun Click Here

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A little quiet…..

big-tomRecently, no jobs of note (except two in the diary for later this week, both celebrity orientated. However, if anyone has any tips about stories we are always pleased to receive them, and if they are any good we will pay for them. The easiest way to get in touch is to text to 075 88 66 9580 or email paul@pressphotosuk.com.

If want to discuss a story with us please feel free to call us.

I enjoy a good scrummage

As you can see Wossy is only 7 inches tall.

As you can see Wossy is a short-arse as I tower above him..

Today was spent waiting for his floppyness Jonathon Woss who returned to BBC Radio 2 today to broadcast his first radio show in threee months since being suspended by the National Broadcaster for making “Prank Calls” to Andrew Sachs’ answerphone.

There must of been twenty five snappers a couple of reporters and two TV crews, as usual the BBC News reporter, who has no experience of doing these types of jobs kept flapping, about 20 minutes before he arrived we knew that he was arriving in a Silver Ford Galaxy, and she kept on getting excited when any silver car passed by.

Wossies’ publicist came out and said that he would play ball if we did, and that he would pause at the kerb for a picture, before entering the BBC building. Which to be honest he did. However about 20 minutes before he arrives 6 rozzers, well 4 police officers and 2 plastic pigs, fortunately they didn’t interfere, but they did manage to get in the way, planks!

Anyway job jobbed, as it were, I spoke to a colleague of mine who was there for the departure, apparently they didn’t play ball at all.

Media Scrum for Wossy

Media Scrum for Wossy

Ohh, and by the way JR i had full sex with your ansaphone last week, it has also agreed to do a kiss and tell about the sordid sex that you subject it too.

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Who’d have thought it..

big-tomThree years, two different blogging packages and one bitter and twisted press tog. Three years and some 400 posts have past since the blog was started.

Well, as John Major’s Spitting Image puppet would have said “I’m still here’. Irritating the establishment, ripping the piss from the politically correct brigade and generally being a bad tempered wanker. But after all that is what I do best.

So I am three years old, that means that I am out of the terrible twos, so what does the next year hold, probably more shit and shinola, polished turds and more obscene ventriloquists act. AS I said in my introduction three years ago, don’t expect flowery prose, just more belligerence than you can shake a shitty stick at.

Ta Ta Drivel Fans. Back later.

P.S. Can’t believe that it has taken me three years to teach the spellchecker in OSX how to spell Wanker. Somehow you can guess that it is American, 250 million Wankers living in a country without a word for wanker, Fuck it there goes my chance of a green card!

Today I have been a bit chilly…

satbir-giany-at-crown-court-002Once again outside a Crown Court for a number of hours in the pissing rain, only to have the subject leave court when the sun comes out, should’ve stayed in the car :(

23rd January 2009 Former Hampshire Chief Special Constable Satbir Giany at Guildford Crown Court today, charged with two counts of theft and one of false accounting stealing nearly £1600 from his employer Euro Car Parts of Portsmouth. Satbir, who was made an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, and hailed as the “face of policing” resigned from his position has the most senior Special Constable in the Hampshire Force the day after the charges were made.

Mr Giany vehement denies any of the allegations and opted for a jury trial at crown court in an effort to clear his name.

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MPs get over yourselves

big-tomI am getting pissed of with fucking MPs. Firstly Damian Green’s indignation that the police should want to search his office in relation to a criminal investigation, now Daniel Kawczynski MP is pissed of because the rozzers searched his office.

Look you retards you are not above the law, just because you are an MP doesn’t mean that a criminal offence hasn’t taken place, and that evidence is not in your office (even if you haven’t commited the offence).

Mind you judging by the fact that Gordon Brown had to climb down over wanting the Freedom of Information act not to apply to MPs over expenses, implies that most of the oxygen wasters in the House of Commons, are lying, cheating, thieving, scheming fuctards (and worse, scottish) that deserve the rozzers to visit you at home and prod you in very private places with truncheons. Trouble is that they will probably enjoy it more than they should. Deluded retards the lot of them