Having a tidy up…

17/09/2017. Western Hard Disk

17/09/2017. Nikon Fisheye.

And found something that I haven’t seen for a very long time, thinking I may whack it on ebay, I seem to recall  that it was quite expensive when new,  this was back in the day when there were no real ultra wide lenses available for crop sensor cameras, I think I was shooting with a DCS3 at the time & this was used on a little Nikon Coolpix.

Mitsubishi Shogun 003

Seems Funny

Phojo Screen Dumps0031


Some 12-13 years ago, I started experimenting with a piece of software, called Pocket Phojo a clever piece of software that enabled me to nearly leave my laptop at home. Running on a Windows Mobile PDA with a built in CF card reader ( I had the Fujitsu Pocket Lookz, if I remember correctly) and was able to hook up to a wifi network or use a bluetooth modem to wire pictures to picture desks. Quite a lot has changed since those early days of experimenting with largely unreliable & flaky technology. However there is still not yet a single app that will do everything that a press photographer needs. There are some that come close including PhotoMechanic (on OSX) PicturePro (iOS).

More Backing Up


Having filled another load of hard disks, it is time to upgrade the Back Up procedure. Having been using 2TB hard disks for the current archive (which covers from 2015 to present day) plus another 2TB disk as a back up, plus a 5TB hard disk which is a back up to the back up, with additional (less important back ups) I have now moved to 2x 4TB Disks, which will provide online Archive for 2015 to hopefully 2020 & a back up for the same. The main archive hard disk will also be backed up to the external 5TB hard disk.

back up

And now the process of copying across the archive begins.

Backing Up

Seeing As….


Seeing as the  Omoton screen protector for the iPad Pro is so good I decided to purchase the same brand for the iPhone. Once again very impressed by the packaging, it also comes with everything that you need to successfully install the screen protector.  They are a little more expensive than the cheapest ones out there, but seem to be worth it.


Ling Long & Prosper


F*ck me! It’s not often that I swear… OK you got me! But F*ck me! I put my alloys in for refurb yesterday and the people doing the refurbishment have kindly lent me a set of wheels & tyres in the mean time.

Anyway on the road to a football game yesterday,  I had to pull over because of  the noise, I thought that either a rear bearing was going bad or the wheels (which are a slightly different off-set to the originals) were rubbing on something.

On checking there is no interference and and the bearings are fine, it turns out that the culprit is the shocking cheap Chinese tyres that are fitted. One pair are “Ling Long” which I think is the Thai Bride from Little Britain and the other pair are something called Wanli, who may have been Bruce’s brother.

Anyhooo, I can’t wait to get my OEM tyres back on the car. I will need new tyres in a few months & one thing for certain I won’t be going for cheap Chinese shite.

Brentford Draw

Brentford v Reading 0001

Yesterday saw me at the Brentford v Reading “M4 Derby” main shooting stock images, but some action as well.

Posh Screen Protector


A screen protector arrived today for my iPad, and if the packaging is anything to go by it should be f*cking awesome! I have used a few protectors over the years but never have any of them turned up in such a posh looking folder.

I have fitted it, and seems to look the part, time will tell if it is any good.



Having had issues with the image sizes that the iPad was receiving from the cameras (about 2000 pixels by 1400, and nothing that the authors of any of the software  worked) for the past couple of weeks,  I decided to do a complete restore & re-install all of the applications, which seems to have solved the problem, however, in the meantime I accidentally seem to have ordered an iPad pro.

So with the impending release of iOS 11, and the fact that Photogene has been reporting that the next iOS upgrade will not be supported, and the author seems to have gone AWOL, I decided that I should prepare by updating the apps that I am going to be using when the upgrade arrives.

Having dealt with the author of ShutterSnitch I shall be retaining that application, as there maybe some really interesting developments on their way,  PicturePro will probably be retained along with Filterstorm in the short term, I shall evaluate them in the first few months and settle on one of them.

Transmit will remain as it is an app that I use across all of the platforms that I use. Snapseed will remain as the route to social media & WeTransfer will remain as  the way of moving video footage.


Busy Bunny


Several jobs today including GVs, a beer festival when no-one was awake & Fulham v Cardiff