Excellent Weekend

09/10/2021 Guildford City v Fleet Town. City’s Nathaniel Mensah scores

Decent bit of football this weekend, Guildford City senior team won 6-1 at home on Saturday & Guildford City Women’s team won 6-0. On top of that England won 5-0 & the Arsenal Women won 3-0.

10/10/2021 Lyne FC v Guildford City Women. City score.

Damned that was wet….

Shooting football in the torrential rain yesterday, meant that I was unable to shoot the women’s game that I was going to shoot today, most of the camera kit is dried out & ready to go, however getting the bags dry in time proved to be an issue. Fortunately the Canon gear I use is all weatherproof (although as I was asked yesterday, no not waterproof) so it has survived without ill-effect, however the Think-Tank Glass Limo & Retrospective 50 are still quietly dripping away in the airing cupboard. I know I should have used the rainproof covers for them, but they are a pain in the arse to use, so it’s my own fault.

02/10/2021 Raynes Park Vale v Guildford City.