QPR v Wolves

QPR v Wolves 0263

This weekend saw me covering the Sky Bet Championship match at Loftus Road between Queens Park Rangers & Wolverhampton Wanderers. QPR won 2-1 in a competitive match.

Brentford v Sunderland



The weekend saw me at Brentford v Sunderland.


New Toy

30/09/2017. Ealing & Charing Cross Protest March.

I love my Sigma 120-300mm F2.8 Sport, but it doesn’t play really nicely with the Canon extenders that I have so I have invested in the Sigma 1401 1.4x extender which I will give a thorough test of during the next week or so.

iPad Workflow


For shooting football I mainly use an iPad for moving images quickly. The Workflow is quite simple and effective. The camera bodies are connected to the iPad via WFT-E6s and configured to work with ShutterSnitch. I have the cameras set up so that I can select individual frames to the iPad.  ShutterSnitch recieves the images and performs a couple of automated tasks, including a basic caption, renaming & copying to the camera roll. Continue reading

Back to shooting

14/10/2017. Fulham v Preston North End. Action from the Sky Bet Championship.

I am finally back to shooting Football with two bodies after acquiring a second WFT-E6. It will take some getting used to but I enjoyed my trip to Craven Cottage for Fulham v Preston North End. A 2-2 draw in the end, but Fulham were not really at the races in the first half and snuck a draw at the death.



14/10/2017. Fulham v Preston North End. Action from the Sky Bet Championship.

It has taken a while, but I have found a second WFT-E6 at a sensible price, which now means that I can shoot with both bodies and wi-fi the images to my iPad. I cannot believe how expensive these things are new, and as I mainly use them at football, nearly £500 each was to expensive to justify.

In most situations they are overkill, the Eye-Fi mobi pro cards did the job, unless there was a lot of wi-fi interference, which on match days there frequently is. As you can probably imagine several thousand supporters, plus TV & the such like all using WiFi means that the airwaves are congested. Not a problem on most news stories, when there are just a few photographers & journalists about, however I do like the fact that I can send images direct from the camera to the picture desk, with as little or as much interaction as I wish.

It is also great when doing corporate shots, so that the client can see images as they are shot (subject to me checking them on the back of the camera first!)

Non League Day..

7/10/2017. Guildford City v Farnham Town

City’s Kieran Campbell scores his and City’s first.

No Sky Bet Championship to cover today so I ended up at my local sides game at the Spectrum, Guildford City v Farnham Town. Despite taking the lead twice City ended up losing 3-2. Not their greatest performance, especially after they beat the team that’s 2nd in the league mid-week.

7/10/2017. Guildford City v Farnham Town

Protest March

30/09/2017. Ealing & Charing Cross Protest March.

One of the jobs yesterday was a protest march from Southall Park down to Ealing Common protesting against the closure of Ealing Hospital & other NHS cuts.