Upgrade time


Having been a user of PhotoShop CS5 since it’s introduction, I have decided  that it is time to bite the bullet & upgrade to the current version, as it was only £79.99 for a year subscription I have updated both the Desktop & the Laptop to PhotoShop CC 2018.

There appear to have been a few changes in the  last 8 years or so, but the most immediate change that I spotted was the Camera RAW screen, which offers quite a few more options when processing RAW images, including profiles including “Landscape”, “Portrait” plus others including my new favourite “Vivid”.

Weybridge CC v Middlesex CC 0132



First of 2…

17/07/2018 Pictures from Farnborough International Airshow.

Today was the first of a couple of days at the Farnborough International Airshow, started off nice but was pretty much 100% cloud cover by lunch.


A long hot day…


Sunday was a long hot day at the Nick Compton testimonial cricket game at Weybridge Cricket Club.


An uncomfortable evening

04/07/2018 Guildford Town Cycle Race.

Yesterday saw me at the Guildford Town Cycle Race over Guildford’s brand new setts (or cobbles), having already decided where I was most likely going to shoot from, I probably should have taken the Pelican Case that the 400mm lives in with me, but I didn’t so an uncomfortable few hours was spent sitting on the kerbstone outside  the Three Pigeons. Additionally as I was on the right side of the road photographically speaking, it was the wrong side for the pub.

A Little Protection Required

26/05/2018. Weybridge Cricket Club v Normandy Cricket Club

Having managed to crack the screen of my iPad and the repair cost is something of the order of £300, I decided that prevention is better than cure and invested in an OtterBox Defender.

I am quite impressed at the construction, however it does increase the size & weight of the iPad substantially.  However it is still lighter & more convenient than a laptop with a better battery life, so it is a compromise that I am happy to accept.

26/05/2018. Weybridge Cricket Club v Normandy Cricket Club