Having been a advised on a few occassions that I should have a VPN installed on my Macs by a number of people over the years, I finally got around to it, the reason that it took me so long is that I fully expected it to be a “networking nightmare” to set up & get running (I remember installing Novell Networking systems & software back in the late 1980s & early 1990s.) however I was entirely wrong & it really couldn’t have been simpler or easier.

I have gone with NordVPN and will report my experiences in due course.

Ear Ear…

I like Apple gear, I have used Apple Macs for well over 20 years, iPods since the 1st Gen & iPhones since the 5, but other than the original headphone design, I cannot stand the Apple headphones, they simply will not stay in may ears, even if I am sitting perfectly still they will fall out within minutes, forget moving about. I very seldom use headphones of any sort, as I usually only listen to music or the radio when driving or at home (I have never felt the need to have music whilst walking around or exercising) but for listening to the football commentary whilst shooting a different football match these should make life easier, without cables to tangle up with camera straps/Jackets etc.

Since the airpods are so expensive and likely to last only a few days before I lose at least one of them, I purchased some cheaper alternatives. I am sure that they are inferior in some ways to the Apple version but a £15 for the white ones & £35 for the black ones, I can afford to lose a few & still be better off.

The white pair I used at the weekend & I am quite impressed with the sound quality, although the signal keeps breaking up, so they will be returned this week, the black ones do seem to be much better, a full test will be using them later this week.

A trip out….part 2

After returning from a photoshoot recently, the tailgate on my trusty old wagon wouldn’t open. So climbed in the boot and managed to open it, then set about finding the cause, I knew that it wasn’t the latch or the motor that was causing the issue as the rear wiper, rear fogs & reversing light all error messaged. On cutting away the rubber cover it revealed two snapped wires, as well as several that looked like they may go at any time. I thought about soldering the breaks, but solder is brittle & likely to fail, in the end I ordered a crimping tool & some connectors. 10 minutes later, with the addition of plenty of wiring loom tape & a little insulating tape, Job Jobbed.