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Huawei E5330

Huawei E5330

Having recently upgraded to a smart phone it only seemed sensible that I upgrade from a rather dodgy “3” Dongle, which works more less as and when it feels like it, frequently showing zero signal which connected & sending images, then minutes later showing full strength signal whilst dropping the connection, so a cheap mifi is the order of the day, meaning that I also am not tying up a valuable USB port whilst wiring images.


Image Captioning

Image selection prior to wiring is critical, take time to choose the images that best tell the story that you are covering. Images should be sharp, and accurately exposed.

On occasions you will find that papers will use muzzy poorly exposed images, if the content is strong enough. There are occasions were perfect high quality images are not possible to get, shooting through shop windows, car windows, or shooting by available street lights at night means that images are going to be very noisy and very probably a bit soft.

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Image Size, File Size and Compression.

Having cropped, adjusted the levels and sharpened you image, the next most important element is to compress it to a size that is feasible to wire to your Agency or Newspaper.

Firstly lets define a couple of terms that we will use through this page, just to save some confusion later on.

  • File Size relates to the amount of hard disk space a compressed image will occupy.
  • Image Size relates to the number of pixels in the image, by which Photoshop will determine the image size in Mb ie 3504×2336 pixels is approximately 23.4Mb.

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