Safari 4 Beta

safari4betaI feel like a James Bond Villain, sitting in front of a 23 inch HD monitor with the latest version of Safari running. It’s like sitting in front of my own bank of TV screens. 🙂

I have been using the new version of Safari 4 for the last few days and I have to say that I am impressed with some of the features. It also seems to refresh fairly quickly, and I do like the new Top Sites function. I haven’t come across any bugs yet, (this is the public beta version) which doesn’t really surprise me.

It is available to download from I will report back in due course if I find any problems.

So, on the day…….

marlon-king-ppuk001That David Cameron lost his 6 year old son and Turkish Airlines nearly perfected the vertical landing in a Boeing 727 at Schipol Airport, where was the Burgy?

Chasing a little known footballer at court for pinching some birds arse. Marlon King, a Wigan Athletic football player (currently on loan to Middlesboro). Was at Westminster City Magistrates Court (formerly known as Horseferry Road Mags). I was slightly surprised that he turned up on foot, but he did.

According to one source

The Wigan striker is said to have attacked the 20-year-old student when she shunned his advances.

Married father-of-two King, 28, was originally arrested in December.

He answered bail at London’s Charing Cross police station yesterday and was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and sexual assault by touching.

King, who is on loan at Middlesbrough, is due to appear before City of Westminster magistrates on February 25.

The ABH charge carries a maximum of five years’ jail.

Cops were called to London’s Soho Revue Bar on December 7.

Witnesses claim King pestered the girl, slapped her bottom and hit her in the face when she rejected him. She needed hospital treatment.

Now Is The Summer of our discontent

big-tomI am looking forward to the summer this year, I look forward to most summers and then I am usually disappointed by the weather. However this year I am looking forward to the summer for entirely different reasons.

There is an undercurrent of rage bubbling away in the UK, everyone I speak to is bitter and twisted with something. Including yours truly, however I really think that the UK will come out on more protests and demonstrations than we have had in a long time, I also hope that the Government will finally pay attention to the public. If they don’t then maybe we should be storming the Houses of Parliament and Downing Street, maybe we should be throwing Petrol bombs and torching Lorries in the street.

I notice today that there are protests about the privatisation of the Royal Mail, more protests about the number of foreign workers in the UK, we have the G20 meetings in London soon, and I can see not only the Anti-Globilisation lot turning out for that, but everyone else who has an axe to grind.

Now is the time to start planning your protests, but don’t think that you will get any sympathy from the rozzers, if you are planning on protesting at the Houses of Parliament, I would just turn up, in your 100,000s, otherwise the Rozzers will refuse you permission. Mind you, maybe the Rozzers will come and join in the protests, after all, they are having their staffing levels slashed, because of the recession.

Fuck Me, Remind me not to do that for a while…

g4I have an old (must be about 5 years old) MAC G4 PowerBook, and recently it has given me some shit, I upgraded to 10.5 and Photoshop CS4 and everything just seemed to die. Thinking that the OS upgrade and the bloated CS4 caused a problem I downgraded back to 10.4 and CS3, that seemed to cure some of the ills.

However today the machine crashed, and would not restart. It also seemed to be running hotter than usual. First reaction was hard disk failure, second though was memory sodimm failure, a quick test revealed that the memory (which was only recently upgraded to 2Gb) was OK. So I went and purchased a new 2.5 IDE hard disk from one of my regular suppliers ( The original HD was a 60Gb Hitachi, the replacement a 120GB Hitachi.

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Lee Hurst at Court

lee-hirst-at-court-ppuk001Lee Hurst was in court today (following up from a previous blog entry on the 31st December) where he changed his plea to Guilty. His original plea of not guilty was on the basis that the prosecution paperwork was incorrectly completed. He was (as before) no problem, he didn’t try to duck and dive, and also gave an interview to one of the local TV news crews. It maust have been a quiet day, because the world and his wife was there.

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Damned, I think I kerbed the alloys

kerbedCouple of jobs in the diary, but ended up cancelling one and covering the shooting in Blackbird Hill, Neasdon, however on the way back from that, I spotted a minor RTA. Only appeared to be one car involved, do you think it will polish out?

mini-crash-007One thing that did amuse me, and it is probably not that clear in the photographs, is that the car has it’s hazard warning lights on. Not I am not sure when they were turned on, if just before the accident then a sure sign the driver has ESP, but then if they had ESP would they have had the accident? Alternatively were they switched on after the accident? Whilst hanging from the seat, by the seat-belt, I am not sure that would be on my check list which would run

Testicles..1, 2 check
Wallet…. check
Ignition Off……check
Undo Seat Belt….check, ouch!
Hazzard lights….not check, damned…