Sky News Cock Up Again

The standard of news reporting in the UK is woeful, not only in the tabloids, but also in the tabloid TV News channels, Sky News whilst reporting on the McCartney Divorce settlement claim that Heather Gold Digger Mills McCartney lost her leg in a hit and run accident.

It emerged ex-model Ms Mills, who lost a leg in a hit-and-run accident, was planning a book on her marriage to the pop legend, which could have netted her millions.

Despite the actual facts being that she was knocked down by a police motorbike on an emergency run and subsequently lost her leg, not only is this well documented elsewhere, (including her own book, which is apparently full of lies, including the “fact” that her mum also lost a leg, in an accident, which she didn’t, it was injured, but not amputated) including the News of the World, to whom she sold her story after the accident.

TFL waste even more money

TfL have announced today that there will be thousands of signs (like the one in the picture) to urge passengers to give up their seats if someone needs it. Despite the fact that every bus and tube already has something similar in place. Complete fucking planks, wasting yet more money.

My concern is that fat-bastards around the City of London, will see this as their excuse to either demand a seat, or fail to give theirs up if a pregnant woman needs it. So just for clarification for all the fat-body lazy Fuckers, where it says “less able to stand” doesn’t mean you, just because you eat 10,000 calories a day and burn off 2,000 doesn’t make you less able to stand, it makes you an obese shit that should stand and burn of some calories.

The only other point to make is Ken Twat Livingstone said “These signs ask all passengers to give pregnant women the respect to which they are entitled by offering them a seat.” Why the Fuck should we respect someone because they have managed to get “knocked up”, I know a 13 year old girl that managed, I’ll not give her any respect thank you. Yes I’d gladly give up my seat for a preggers bint, but I will be Fucked if I respect her afterwards.’

TFL Lose the Plot

Ken Livingstone’s Transport For London (TFL) have lost the plot completely. They are completely out of touch with the real world. They have announced that even cars that use LPG are not going to be exempt from the London Congestion Charge. Which means that an LPG converted 4×4 which currently is exempt, because of its low CO2 levels will end up paying the full £25 per day to enter the CC zone. Their reasoning? because even though it is LPG converted it could still run on petrol. Fucking Arseholes!

Who would run on petrol at £1.08 per gallon, when they could run on LPG at £0.53 per gallon. That is like saying I should be banned from driving because I could have 10 pints of lager and get in my car, despite all the evidence to the contrary. They have also very generously added

“That is why the AFD will not be phased out for almost two years, giving owners time to change their vehicle.”

Which is nice for all those people that have spent £2,000 on converting their brand new or nearly new cars, meaning that even greater damage will be done to the atmosphere as the global cost of manufacturing and recycling cars is huge. There are figures to suggest that the Toyota Prius produces more Green House Gases, during it’s whole life (including manufacturing process, being driven for it’s serviceable life and then being recycled) is higher than many supposedly Non-Green Vehicles.’

Digital Camera Thefts

With the Theft of Mobile Phones, and Digital Cameras on the increase, manufacturers should be doing something to prevent it, or at least make the resale of such products difficult. I do not believe that it is beyond the wit of man to be able to permanently embed the serial number and model of the device inside the image that it produces. Many stolen digital cameras and mobile phones will (after theft) be used, in the manner that they were intended and their resulting images will be posted on the internet.

Why not, using a search engine, then let the authorities, be it the Rozzers, Feds, Insurance companies trawl the internet searching for the serial numbers of stolen devices. I certainly believe that the good people at Google would (just for the resulting good publicity) be happy to modify their search algorithms to enable select agencies to carry out the search, and return appropriate information very quickly. Whilst there will always be the hard core thieves that will attempt to undo/crack or otherwise tamper with the embedded details, a great many would not have the ability to, or indeed think of trying to break the system.

Bloody Old Bill

Someone has got to stand up to some of the arseholes that are employed by the Home Office as police officers. There have been several reports recently of Police Officers overstepping their legal rights, to prevent Bone fide News gatherers going about their jobs, the most recent one being some jumped up PC from West Midlands Police who objected to having his photograph taken. Now I am not a fan of the brummy accent at the best of times, but this uniformed, uninformed twat, would have got short shrift from me.
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OK Texting whilst Driving is wrong

OK texting whilst Driving is bad, the airhead that is Keira Coultas killed someone, because she was travelling at 45mph (in a 30 limit) and sending text at the same time. That is wrong on two levels at least.

However, the cyclist that she had hit had ridden through a red light. I doubt that if I had been at the wheel of the car, and doing the 30mph limit, that I would have avoided him completely, and I have over a million miles under my belt, and reasonably good reflexes. Whilst no one deserves to die, cyclists need to learn that the highway code applies to them as much as it does to drivers. If you cross junctions when the lights are red, you are likely to die.

Whilst it is not fair to speak ill of the dead, I wonder how many times Jordan Wickington cycled through red lights, without thought or consideration for other road users. Cyclists, learn the rules of the road, or learn them the really hard way. Whilst Keira will be languishing behind the bars of a prison cell for a few months, Jordon will never ride his bike, kiss his mum goodbye or meet with a few friends for a quiet drink after work, you have to