Is It Just Me?

Is it me or is Ken Livingstone a retard? He announces that gas guzzlers are to be charged £25 a day to enter the congestion zone, he then announces that all small businesses that need vans have to pay £100 per day to enter the Greater London Area (also includes, minibuses, ambulances, buses and coaches).

The deluded twat then announces that a London Bus is to be driven from London to Beijing. Without any passengers on board. As the crow flies that is a journey of over 5,000 miles, by road I guess you can probably double that. this is being sold to the public as a lifetime opportunity for 12 Bus Drivers. However, seeing as even the latest, greenest buses that London has deliver about 4 miles to the gallon (on a run, even worse in traffic). So even using his cheaply sourced fuel from Venezuela, and assuming that it is 8,000 miles, that is 2000 gallons of DERV, (approximately 9,000 litres) at a cost of nearly 1.10 per litre. All of this on top of the fact that Beijing suffers from even worse air pollution than London, it would appear that Ken Livingstone is planning on killing as many people (who are not Londoners) as possible. Once more it is a case of don’t do as I do, do as I say.


First Mac Malware

Just to let you all know that there is some “malware” targeting Mac users out there. Whilst in its self it is harmless, it is trying to scam Mac users into parting with cash to clear virus/security problems. If you get directed to a Mac sweeper website, the browser will look as though it is scanning your system, it will then say that it has found faults, and for a one off fee you can subscribe and it will clear these “problems”. If you click after the screen shown above has completed it will attempt to download an application, all I can suggest is that you close the window and re-open your browser. I am not sure yet how the re-direct to their website is being done, I was re-directed from Ignore it, it can do your system no harm, just do not subscribe, whilst they may only charge £14.99, you can guarantee that that will not be the only charge your credit card will receive. Please do not confuse this with the legitimate Mac Sweeper, system utility that was available for the Mac until a couple of years ago. Please have a quick Google for more information

Laughable Security

What really pisses me off, is not that 3 fat birds from Greenpeace feel the need to climb all over an aircraft at Heathrow, but the fact that they were able to get air-side to even get close to the aircraft. The heightened security bollox that we have to go through just to get on board a plane is so easily circumvented by three vacuous bints is ridiculous.
You can’t take a loaded bottle of water on board a plane, you have to take your shoes and belt off to get through the security scanner, you get looked at as though you are a terrorist for carrying camera equipment, yet 3 deluded tarts can climb on the wings of a jet aircraft and unfurl a banner without being challenged, how fucked up is that?