From Paul Burgman 1986. Sara Crowe and Ann Bryson before they shot to fame as the Philidelphia Cheese Girls. Original Publicity photographs shot for their Cabaret Act the Flamin’ Hamsters. Paul Burgman/

Going through some old negatives, I found some that I shot of the Guildford School of Acting back in the early 1980s, the photograph above was of a couple of students from St Catherine’s Drama school, who went on to become quite well known in the 1980s & 90s. It was shot in a photographic studio that used to be in Godalming.

The photo above is of a Guildford School of Acting production of “Bent”that was put on at the New End Theatre in Hampstead again some time in the early 1980s, the actor on the left is Owen Teale, who went on to star as Ser Alliser Thorne in Game of Thrones, as well as appearing in BallyK and Line of Duty. Shot on Kodak Tri-X at 1600ISO Canon F1n 24mm F2.

Guildford School Of Acting & The Unlimited Theatre CompanyProduction of GODSPELL [Pic Paul Burgman]

The above was from a production of Godspell by the Guildford School of Acting in a church on Marlybone Road. Shot on a Canon A1 50mm F1.4 Ektachome 160EPT tungsten balanced transparency film.


Needed to put an edge on a couple of penknife blades, cutting background paper makes them dull very quickly and I didn’t want to go the full whet stone & honing oil route, so I thought I’d try a pocket sharpener. Having attacked three different Swiss Army knives and a Leatherman I am quite impressed, very easy to use and even made a wrecked Swiss Army Lock knife which has been abused for over 20 years serviceable.

These pocket sharpeners are never going to get your blades up to Scalpel or even Stanley Knife blade sharpness, but even this old lock knife now has an edge that will shave the hairs from your forearm. So for £11 it is a bargain.

Important Note: Having seen a couple of reviews on Amazon, don’t drop the stone when you have removed the cover, it is stone & will break, same as most knife sharpening stones. Also don’t apply so much pressure that you snap it, there is zero flexibility so go gentle and enjoy.

Manfrotto Upgrade

I had to order a couple of QR plates for a Manfrotto head, and when I saw the price for a piece of plastic, I looked at an alternative. Not only was it 2 plates for just over the price of 1 Manfrotto plate, they are made of metal and are actually easier to attach to a camera/lens as the Manfrotto plate has a very fiddly screw.

Time will tell how they will work out.