End Of the Season..

23/04/2016. Guildford City v Camberley Town.

23/04/2016. Guildford City v Camberley Town. Romaric Logon scores City’s goal with an overhead volley.

Guildford City finished the 2015/16 Season today against promotion chasing Camberley Town, whilst they lost, they put in a great performance & were very unlucky to get beaten by a fairly late goal. Buzzing and looking forward to next season with this team & management.

In other sad news, my Think Tank Airport Accelerator back pack has broken, well not strictly true, but the catch on the laptop section has broken, hopefully SnapperStuff will be able to sort it.



Not so much a how-to guide

IMG_0008This isn’t a how-to-replace-your-pelicase-wheels guide. Because there is a definitive one already out there in interweb-land. This is more of an endorsement, that you should definitely swap out those ‘orrible hard old Peli wheels & fit a set of much softer skate wheels.

Mine arrived in the post this morning, and within less than 15 minutes they were installed on my 1510.


Want to know more, try here or here

Having a clearout


Thought that it was about time that I cleared some old photographic equipment out, most of it has sold & will be posted today. Mostly it was old Canon FD stuff, including lenses from 20mm to 300mm, flashguns and more. There will be more auctions for more kit in the coming weeks, but for now I have run out of boxes.

Guildford Landmark Goes

15/04/2016. Guildford. Old Fire Station training tower is demolished.

15/04/2016. Guildford. Old Fire Station training tower is demolished.

The training tower at the old Guildford Fire Station was demolished today.  A local landmark since before the war is now just a pile of rubble. Painted during the war to camouflage it, to prevent German Aircraft using it as navigation marker, it has after many years been taken down, it was not particularly pretty, but now it is no more.

15/04/2016. Guildford. Old Fire Station training tower is demolished.

15/04/2016. Guildford. Old Fire Station training tower is demolished.

Sad News Day

 Guildford Body Discovered 0005.jpg

11/04/2016.Guildford. The River Wey, a body is found that may be Grant BROSTER

It would appear that a body has been recovered from the River Wey, at Guildford. Police, Paramedics & the Fire Brigade were all present this evening from about 1730hrs. The Identity has not yet been confirmed.

Sigma 120-300 DG OS HSM Sport

_PBB3608Having acquired a Sigma 120-300 F2.8 Sport, it seemed prudent to get a USB dock to customise the lens & ensure that the firmware is up to date. Having been through the process once before with the non-sport version the software was instantly recogniseable & the firmware update was completed in about 30 seconds, then configuring the customisable switches to around another 30 seconds. Hopefully I will be able to see the results the next time I use it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 16.59.46