Phone Kit


Having installed Brodit mounts & cabling for the iPod and the phone now all I have to do is install the new head unit, which is a simple swap, once the unit arrives, well I say a simple swap, all I have to do is install a DAB aerial, Bluetooth module & microphone & then it is a simple swap over.

Today the only job that I did was an upgrade for the rear number plate lights to LED nothing to outrageous just plain white LEDs rather than  the horrible yellow bulbs that were originally installed.


More Power!!

More Power, that’s what I want. Always MORE!! You can never have enough. Whether it is battery power for your laptop or your digital camera.

So today I acquired a portable 12v Battery Booster/Power pack from Maplins.

The idea is that it will live in the boot being charged, and rather than run the mains inverter from the power socket I will use the portable powerpack, which, should I ever end up in a situation that the battery dies , I can fire up the portable power pack and boost the car.

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