Busy, Busy

IMG_0562Had the head unit in the car upgraded to a DAB unit, wanted to keep it OEM so went for the VW RCD 510 DAB, as the canbus needed to be upgraded to enable the unit to work correctly, I decided to get the professionals involved. What should have been a simpleish job turned out to be a little more involved than anticipated. However, after 5 hours it was completed. New head unit & MMI fitted!

Then over the weekend, I realised that something wasn’t right, the display was so dark that it could barely be seen. It appears that there is an ambient light sensor that was covered by the Parrot hands-free control unit. I have relocated it & it all works as it should. I have also now hardwired the Dash Cam, and so far no RF interference with the DAB.  So many thanks to http://www.cartronics.co.uk for their work.



New Toy


Finally embracing the digital age, well the radio side at least. I would usually do the installation myself, but as the canbus needs updating in the Golf to prevent battery drain (a known fault apparently) I have decided to outsource the upgrade to a local company. Whilst at it I shall have them do the full installation, including DAB aerial.

Just need to acquire a VW MDI for iPod control now.

New Toy


My insurance company offered a significant discount for on renewal if I had a dash cam & I had been toying with purchasing one for a little while. So I ordered a Next Base 512G which has largely received good reviews, and although it doesn’t have wifi it seems to be very highly specced in all other areas.

I shall in due course give some feed back.


Phone Kit


Having installed Brodit mounts & cabling for the iPod and the phone now all I have to do is install the new head unit, which is a simple swap, once the unit arrives, well I say a simple swap, all I have to do is install a DAB aerial, Bluetooth module & microphone & then it is a simple swap over.

Today the only job that I did was an upgrade for the rear number plate lights to LED nothing to outrageous just plain white LEDs rather than  the horrible yellow bulbs that were originally installed.

More Power!!

More Power, that’s what I want. Always MORE!! You can never have enough. Whether it is battery power for your laptop or your digital camera.

So today I acquired a portable 12v Battery Booster/Power pack from Maplins.

The idea is that it will live in the boot being charged, and rather than run the mains inverter from the power socket I will use the portable powerpack, which, should I ever end up in a situation that the battery dies , I can fire up the portable power pack and boost the car.

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