Phone Kit


Having installed Brodit mounts & cabling for the iPod and the phone now all I have to do is install the new head unit, which is a simple swap, once the unit arrives, well I say a simple swap, all I have to do is install a DAB aerial, Bluetooth module & microphone & then it is a simple swap over.

Today the only job that I did was an upgrade for the rear number plate lights to LED nothing to outrageous just plain white LEDs rather than  the horrible yellow bulbs that were originally installed.

BT Phone Boxes


Telephone Box Wood Street Village, Guildford

I know that no-one uses phone boxes anymore, except for urinating in, or occasionally sheltering from the rain, if there is nowhere else to hide, however it is quite sad that BT are requesting planning permission to remove a number of phone boxes in the Guildford Area, including this one in Wood Street.

I can’t complain

580exaOne of the Canon 580EX flashguns that I have owned since they first became available (circa 2005) has finally given up, that’s not strictly true, it still works as a flashgun, however the AF Assist light  has packed up, which when shooting in pitch black conditions as I was last night is a bit of a pain in the arse, so it will be semi-retired and remain in the bag as a back up or for use  when it is pissing down with rain or I am in a media scrum.

Replacement has been purchased, hopefully it will be here before the weekend when I have more Bonfire night events to cover.

Well that was unexpected…

22/10/2016. Guildford City v North Greenford United

22/10/2016. Guildford City v North Greenford United. City’s Ibby AKANBI celebrates. City Captain having left the field for an early bath having pulled his hamstring joins in the celebrations

A photograph taken during one of Guildford City FCs games last week seems to gone a bit wild.  The Guildford City Captain, Darryl Siaw was substituted having pulled a hamstring during the game & had an early shower after the team came out for the second half of the match, however in the opening minutes City scored, so Darryl legged it from the shower to join in the celebrations, however, he seem to have forgotten to grab a towel.

Anyway the photograph has been tweeted & re-tweeted so often I have lost count.  But there are a few noticeable landings including


Who Ate All The Pies


Footy Tonight

26/10/2016 Guildford City v Horley Town

One decision that the ref managed to get right, just

Guildford City were not really in the game tonight & probably would have been beaten, but the margin of defeat was directly, I mean directly due to some, excuse the language but it is appropriate, F*CKING SHOCKING OFFICIALS. Now I have have seen shite referees before, in fact down at step 4 & 5 of the football pyramid it is largely expected, but I have never seen such shite masquerading as referees & assistant referees. If I wasn’t sure they were just shite, I could easily believe they were corrupt. Horley deserved their win, I am not saying they didn’t deserve to win, they did.

There is no way that you can either miss so many decisions or get them wrong & by such a big margin unless you are bent, incompetent or maybe they have cross trained from being netball refs, IDFK.

By the way I have no official relationship with GCFC as an independent press photographer I just hate incompetence, wether it is at GCFC or any other team that I regularly cover (inc Brentford, QPR, Fulham, Chelsea) or many other lower & non league teams.

Looks Like…

24/10/2016 Chelsea U23 v Derby County U23.I may be covering the Chelsea U23 home games for the next few weeks, which is nice. It makes a change to go back to the national style of shooting & moving images quickly, which for regional titles I work for is a rarity to have to do, one dead line per week, with a few exceptions for stuff destined for t’internet. Apparently quite a few hits for the Chelsea U23 v Derby U23 game last night.