Watch out you’ll crush me grunions!

Thanks go to James Breedon for the image shown above (one of the b*stards referred to in the text below).

240 miles, one tank of fuel and a grand day out. Yep today I took the Grand Cherokee to Birmingham for the Focus on imaging show at the NEC. A great opportunity to touch base with a few colleagues from the forum and the British Press Photographers Association. I travelled up with Neil Ford (a chap who helps administrate the forum, and all round techy chap, that is useful to know if you have Windoze or OSX problems ((contact Nubenu IT Services))

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Football Photography

Originally Published in 2004

I love football, not just watching my own team the mighty Arsenal, but any football match, from Premiership to non league (OK, I will not go and watch pub football), It doesn’t matter if it is on TV or live, I love it.

At live games, it’s the atmosphere, and also the excellent views that I am fortunate to get, sitting on the touchline.

Many of my friends (that are not photographers) regularly ask to be my assistant on match days, and they are deeply envious. I was very lucky to end up doing football pics for the national papers. I was working for an agency, that didn’t do any sport, so I blagged a press pass to cover Reading FC versus Bristol Rovers using the Agency’s credentials, with their permission obviously.
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I’m in love again

The concept of the Pocket PC, still really appeals (as mentioned a couple of posts ago), but it is hampered by the involvement of Microsoft (with my Windoze Mobile 2003 version). Anyway, it appears that I am not the only one that thinks that MS cannot design an operating system; it would appear that Fujitsu-Siemens also agree, as I have found a great add-on (it is actually included, but wasn’t installed on my machine).

It is Specifically written for the Loox, although I would imagine that each Pocket PC manufacturer has done it as well. Called Connect Mobility, it prevents the OS from needing manage connections, something that it handles rather well.

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Sigma 500mm EX DG F4.5

Out working today, mainly been loitering in the East End of London, well Shoreditch area, freaking hole of a place, but I have had the opportunity to do a couple of test frames with the new Sigma 500mm F4.5 EX DG HSM and have to report that I am quite impressed with the handling of the lens, easy enough to hand-hold the AF is quick enough, although I won’t be able to do any critical analysis of the results until I get home and review the images on the big screen on the G5. Continue reading