All the Snappers out?

ufo_s_1367994cObviously over at the Telegraph they have sacked all of their photographers because if they had a snapper in the office, they would have told the reporter that the “mysterious” UFOs are in fact reflections from Halogen Downlighters from inside the building. This is not news,it is not even interesting, all it proves is that the reporters are thick enough to believe what they are told by random strangers, it is no wonder newspapers get sued so often.
Here is the bollox original

UPDATE: They now claim that the lights may have been a lazer lightshow!!??
Updated Link Strangely enough the link contains “UFOs-may-be-light-show.html” It should probably be “UFOs-may-be-a-light-showing.html” Laughable!!!


Google Street View

blairsplaceI like the concept of Google’s Street View software, the Google Maps has been useful in the past, but now being able to view a location before travelling to a job is a good thing. One thing that I was surprised about though, was the fact that Tony Blairs house has been removed from Street View, but strangely enough a perfectly good view of the house can be had from outside his neighbours. Ohh Shit! I am going to be in trouble now, publishing pictures of rozzers I must be some kind of terrorist.

That Other Daft Bint

burley-shut-upI fairly regularly have a pop at reporters for asking stupid questions, however there is one that ONLY asks stupid questions.

Kay Burley the airhead that presents the graveyard shift (the afternoon slot when no-one is watching) and the only reason that she is there (I am sure) is that she makes the other News Readers look good. But then a pig with lipstick could do a better job and I don’t mean Jade Goody’s mum.

Anyway she was interviewing an Austrian Reporter about the Frizhl story and she asked a fucking stupid question followed by more fucking stupid questions (even the reporter who’s first langauge isn’t English, had to ask her what the question was). She asked (of Joesf Frizhl) and I quote “What did he do to his family?” to which without flinching the reporter replied, “Well he locked his family in a cellar for 24 years, of course.

The link is to a movie file of the interview, I am sorry but I find it hillarious. The Movie will be uploaded later on, when I am not on a mobile connection.

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That’s not news, more wish fulfillment…

big-tomAn asylum seeker that had his application turned down and was forcefully repatriated has been killed.

Well shit happens, this fella from Dafur, chickened out and left his wife and kids and legged it to England where he spent several years trying to avoid deportation. When forced back to Sudan and trying to meet up with his wife and kids he was murdered. To be honest if I was his wife, I would have taken the contract out on him in the UK, rather than wait for him to return 🙂

The important thing is that we do not let this story prevent us from deporting illegals, in fact it should encourage us to do it faster. Ohh and here is the link

The hunt for Tarrant

dermot-oleary-charity-0101This morning started with the hunt for Chris Tarrant, after he was allegedly arrested for assault earlier in the month, fortunately I had another story to cover this afternoon, not that it will make anywhere, Dermot O’Leary, that Z list presenter from the X-Factor was at the Marsden Hospital, to launch a £15,000,000 appeal to build a new Children’s and Teenagers’ Cancer Centre.