Bob Crow Phone Hacked?

Bob CrowBob Crow or the RMT have gone to the Police to ask if his phone has been hacked. According to the BBC & Sky News

“Bob Crow, general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT), said he believed he may have been targeted by the News of the World.

“RMT has had suspicions that journalists may have had access to private information about my movements and my union’s activities,” he added.

Now forgive me if I am wrong, but surely you go to the Police and report a crime, either that you have witnessed or have been a victim of. If I have got it wrong then, I shall go to the Cop Shop, to ask if I have ever been a victim of a crime, and can they investigate it?

I am also a bit pissed that the phone hacking is all leveled at the News Of The World, they were all at it, The Sunday Mirror certainly were when I worked for them (The stories I could tell you). From memory there was also a story about Rio Ferdinand and his missed Drugs test that the Sun Newspaper ran, that stopped all newspapers from hacking phones for a few weeks, because The Sun had printed so much detail, the only way they could have done it was by hacking his phone account. From memory they also published part of an itemised phone bill. D’Oh.


Eamonn Holmes is a twat…


Eamonn Holmes is a twat, it is official. This morning he claimed that a Penguin seen in Northern Ireland, on a Zebra Crossing outside the George Best Airport. is unusual enough, but then to claim that it must have come from the undercarriage of an airplane defies belief.

Quite how he thinks that a Penguin could climb into the undercarriage of any aircraft is beyond me. How he thinks a Penguin would survive a fall from the same undercarriage whether at ground level or on landing approach…… I mean Eamonn, you realise that these fuckers don’t fly, don’t you?

Just one other possibility Eamonn is that it has escaped from either a Private Collection or alternatively from Belfast City Zoo, which has a record of break-ins and breakouts over recent years.

Michael Jackson Jokes

skeletor_byJimWirtThere have been quite a few jokes about MJ since his death, most of them seem to be recycled old jokes, but there have been a few very funny jokes.

Upon hearing the news of Michael Jackson’s death, mourning fans released a white dove in his honour. Well, it was actually a blackbird, but with a rare skin condition…

Apparently Gary Glitter has offered to take on some of Michael Jacksons dates in August, specifically Jaydon (13) Keith (11) and Roydan (9) with the option on several others.

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, in their own different ways, helped young boys masturbate for years!

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Jackson invented Moonwalk?

Just in case anyone thinks that Whacko Jacko invented the moonwalk, the Manakin Bird got there first, probably followed by Marcel Marceau, James Brown did something similar in The Blues Brothers and Jeffrey Daniel performed a variation of the moonwalk in Shalamar’s “A Night To Remember” on Top of the Pops in 1982, at least a year before Whacko Jacko. Enjoy the video clip. It is very funny.

Whacko Whacks It

Jackson in London Whacko Jacko finds the easy way out from doing 50 tour dates at the O2 arena, rather than give it large on stage, he wimps out by dying. Ta Ta Michael, I was a big fan of your music, if only you hadn’t gone mental, you might have still been with us.

There have already been a few funny jokes circulating.

Reports of Michael Jackson dying of a massive heart attack at home are incorrect, he was actually in the childrens ward, having a stroke.

What is the difference between Michael Jackson and Alex Ferguson? Ferguson will still be playing Giggs in August.

nice-jacksonApparently on hearing the news of Michael Jackson’s death Bubbles has gone ape and Uri has gone on another bender!

I like foreign jobs, especially for pretty girls

blogCarl Froch and Rachel 027I like foreign jobs, especially if it involves photographing pretty girls. The last couple of days have been a bit of a blur.

I received a phone call on Thursday morning asking if I fancied Turkey. Hmmmm, with all the trimmings, I gave the obvious answer and within 20 minutes I was heading for Gatwick Airport and a quEasyJet flight to Bodrum, Turkey. Changed up a few squids for Lira’s, and later regretted not getting Euros, or keeping sterling.

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