Ear Ear…

I like Apple gear, I have used Apple Macs for well over 20 years, iPods since the 1st Gen & iPhones since the 5, but other than the original headphone design, I cannot stand the Apple headphones, they simply will not stay in may ears, even if I am sitting perfectly still they will fall out within minutes, forget moving about. I very seldom use headphones of any sort, as I usually only listen to music or the radio when driving or at home (I have never felt the need to have music whilst walking around or exercising) but for listening to the football commentary whilst shooting a different football match these should make life easier, without cables to tangle up with camera straps/Jackets etc.

Since the airpods are so expensive and likely to last only a few days before I lose at least one of them, I purchased some cheaper alternatives. I am sure that they are inferior in some ways to the Apple version but a £15 for the white ones & £35 for the black ones, I can afford to lose a few & still be better off.

The white pair I used at the weekend & I am quite impressed with the sound quality, although the signal keeps breaking up, so they will be returned this week, the black ones do seem to be much better, a full test will be using them later this week.

In-Car Laptop Charger

I recently purchased a new in-car USB-C charger, and I have to report it is a complete success. I recharged the 13 MacBook Pro from about 45% to full, whilst using it to edit photos, in about 45 minutes. The charger got a little warm, but not enough to worry about. It will also charge a mobile phone as well, but as I have a dedicated power supply for my iPhone I haven’t needed to try it.

I purchased it here, it may be available cheaper elsewhere.

Love a @Thinktankphoto Bargain

I needed a new laptop bag, as the old Think Tank one was showing its age & didn’t really have enough storage space for everything I needed on the road, so a quick look at Snapperstuff, the UK importers website revealed the bargain of the month! A Think Tank My 2nd Brain 13 for only £29.00 plus P&P. instead of the usual £99.00.

Main advantage over the Artificial Intelligence case that I had previously is more padding & more storage space. I assume that the reason for the great price is that they are going to be replaced by something else in the near future. So grab one whilst the are available. Link Below.


Covid killed my laptop

Took a little trip out with the laptop recently, it hasn’t been out a great deal since the pandemic f**ked up pretty much everything, so it wasn’t a great surprise that the battery has died, it gets to about 40% and then the machine shuts down, it only does it when I is under load, ie editing images, if you just leave it playing videos or browsing the web it will run to about 20%, so time for a new battery.

I had a look around and found a couple of guides for replacing batteries on 2017 touch-bar MacBooks & instantly decided that I would pay for someone else to do the job. SO £180 later, a brand new battery and a bit of a clean inside as well, and everything is good.

Well that was fun

I decided that my Canon EF400mm needed recalibrating, seeing as I don’t think that I recalibrated it after replacing the lens mount last year, at least it was dry outside, can’t say that it was particularly warm though, but I can’t believe the amount of pollen that settled on the camera and the laptop in the hour or so that I was doing it.

The recalibration would appear to not really have been necessary, as the Micro AF adjustment just changed from +6 to +5, which in the real world is not particularly significant. I also ran few a few other test options and can report that all seems to be well.

Cheap back-up

You can never have to many back-up plans. I have a number of hard disks that are copies of the current archive, as well as disks that are “snapshots” of the archive from various points of time. Usually every 3 years is archived off to a disk for storage. Because of the increase in file sizes over the years, what used to fit on a 1TB hard disk now fills a 4TB hard disk & the next archive batch is likely to need a 6TB hard disk. This is not including video footage which will be added soon as I will add a drone to my arsenal in the coming months.

I have used a cheap caddy to access the disks until now, however a cheap 4 bay caddy came up & so at least some of the off-line archive will be more easily available. I have at the same time ordered a 1TB SSD to replace the OS disk in my MacPro. So more fun coming up in the next few days.

I haven’t speed tested the enclosure as the likely bottle neck will be the speed of the old drives that are installed in it. But hopefully it will be fast enough for the occasional delve into the archive.

The reason for the decision to increase the amount of “online” archive was because a former client got in touch to re-licence some images that are from way back in 2001/2 & required me to pull a rather dusty HDD to retrieve the High Res originals.

Who’d Have Thunk It

Who’d have thought that upgrading an unsupported Mac from High Sierra to something more modern would be so difficult, starting yesterday, just after finishing the cutting out for the light case, I decided, STUPIDLY, to upgrade my MacPro.

Anyway long story short, with some (actually quite a lot) help from MacFinder (who supplied said MacPro some 3 plus years ago) I am now as up to date as the machine is likely to get, so MacFinder will have a another chunk of change from me in a year or so for a replacement.

AS it goes there are not too many issues with running Catalina on an old 5.1 MacPro, the only issue that I can report is that it doesn’t support the older WiFi standard, but I can live with running internet via Ethernet, and the other functions that WiFi bought with it like Airdrop I have never had before, so no probs. I can’t upgrade further to BigSur as also bluetooth & other things stop working, so at least I have another 20 months or so before beating up the piggy bank.

I have subsequently been informed that I could have gone to Mojave with slightly less effort, but as I have always/sometimes/occasionally/never said, if you are going to go for it, go big or go home.

Two Types of HD

There are two types of hard drive, ones that have failed & ones that will fail. This includes all types of media, whether Magnetic, Optical or Solid state. If you have only one copy of something, you don’t have a back-up, if you have a second copy you don’t have a back up plan. If it is valuable or important to you, you need several copies. Facebook is not a suitable place to use as image storage, nor is wordpress. You can have a back up on-line, but use something that is designed for data storage. You need to have at least two copies plus one off-site.

Anyway my point is I have had to dispose of a hard drive today that failed, not a cause for concern as everything is backed up multiple times in several locations, so new disk installed into the system and data restored to it.

Website Move

Having been with Supanames since about 2001 which was then taken over by 123-Reg it was time for a change. 123 have been properly rubbish, they cost me my domain name for 4 years because their integration between them & Supanames didn’t work, they are consistently overcharging for their service, they have been charging me nearly £180 per year for services that I have tried to down grade, but they will not permit. Finally last week they told me I couldn’t cancel the “auto-renew” but would have to cancel my hosting contract meaning I would immediately lose my hosting/email etc with no refund for the remaining month I had left on my contract, so anyway **** them. Eventually they conceded & I am now moving to a new supplier that has been recommended to me.

As with all these things there will be some down-time, I also have the work of locating & implementing a new gallery system for the images that I have & ones that I will be adding in the future. Whilst the website won’t have the ability to syndicate the images directly from the server, it will have the advantage of resizing images in the fly and when finally customised (when I get the chance) will integrate nicely with the rest of the site. Yes I know, I probably need to change the colour scheme & update the look, & I will in time, the main thing is to get something up & running before Christmas.

Have changed the DNS just waiting for that to promulgate & we are up and running, well, walking briskly, actually probably just hobbling with the aid of a stick, but I’ll get there.

Ongoing Repairs


Having replaced a battery in the TomTom sat nav recently it became apparent that whilst I have loads of very small phillips, crosspoint & flat screwdrivers, I didn’t have any small Torx bits, or any of the slightly peculiar blades that many small electronic devices require. So a cheap set was purchased from Amazon, and on closer inspection it looks like a cheap set of “Chinesium” bits. Although it does come with a selection of spudgers and other useful accessories, I am not sure that much of it will last prolonged & heavy usage, so I may invest in the iFixit kit in due course.

However as it is time for the periodical check on all the accessable screws on my camera equipment, it will get used for that, before potentially being thrown in a drawer & forgotten about.

Bloody Batteries

The lockdown has killed my Sat Nav batteries, hardly being used for months means that even when fully charged as soon as power is disconnected the thing shuts down.

TomTom G06000 SatNav

Normally not a problem, however it takes ages to re-start. I mean ages several minutes at least. Which if you are in a rush seems like forever. It also means that if the power is interrupted briefly it switches off, for example you go over a pot-hole and the plug works loose in the 12v power socket.

So after a few weeks of just shouting at the thing I did a quick google search for replacement batteries, ordered one & when it arrived today I fitted it. It was a bit of a fiddle as the internals on my G06000 seem to be different to all the others featured in the online videos, but 20 minutes later & it is all done. I have left it on charge & will let it charge overnight for the first cycle of the battery, hopefully this is the end of the saga.

Update: Given a long charge, have unplugged the power and it is still running an hour later, Yay!

New Phone Time


Had the iPhone 6S for a while now & seeing as EE were doing a deal with the iPhone Xs with 100gb of data for the price of 30gb it seemed a no brainer, Now I just have to go through the hassle of moving everything across & learning a new iOS & phone.


First attempt to update the iOS resulted in it bricking the phone, eventually persuaded it to update, now have restored the data back to it and all up and running.

Lexar Card Readers


Having bought into the Lexar Workflow CF Card Reader a year or so ago, I decided to go the whole hog with a Workflow Hub as well, to help speed up the ingesting process after shooting an afternoon of football over maybe three or 4 CF Cards.


I must need my head testing, as the last two Lexar card readers have proven pretty crap, one the hinged cover broke after about 3 uses & the other failed in pretty short order.

Lexar Pro013



Hard Disk Failure


A hard disk is on it’s way out, it has become very sluggish & occasionally refuses to write, no major drama though, even if it is holding the 2016 to current archive of images. I have ordered its replacement and installed it, now just the process of repopulating the archive from one of its back ups which will take 24 hours.

Remember if you only have a single back up, you don’t have a back plan. Mine is relatively simple I have:

Two hard disks for the Archive installed in my MacPro (which are identical & kept so using “Sync Folders Pro”.  I also have two external hard disks which are mirrors of the Archive. This is for the on-line (or current stuff) most of the older images are backed up on disks that are no longer in my MacPro but can easily be accessed via a Disk Caddy.

My work flow is that recent images (and stuff currently being worked on are saved to two SSD that are on an Angel Wings X2) and when finished are then transferred to the Archive.

So hopefully I should be covered in the event of a catastrophic equipment failure be able to access the entire archive.

A revelation….


I just received a near metre long mouse mat, it is a revelation. Why the hell I played around with a 10×8 mouse mat for the last 25 years I have no idea. It covers quite a lot of the desktop, and means that the Magic Keyboard doesn’t slide and the mouse works everywhere on the desk top. Don’t think about it, just buy one.

Bluetooth keyboard & mouse


Having upgraded to a Magic Mouse 2, I went the whole hog & also added a Magic Keyboard as well. Specifically the the one without the number pad, and boy does it make a difference so much extra space on the desktop. So fully charged & now unplugged, lets see how long it lasts until it needs charging again.

OK so an update is in order, originally charged nearly a month ago, the keyboard is at 89% and the mouse 22%, quite impressed.

New Mouse



Having had an old Apple Optical Mouse  (A1152) for a number of years, and on average having to clean the little scroll wheel every few weeks, I finally decided that I would go the wireless route again, (having had an Apple Mighty Mouse for a while but hated it) and purchased an Apple Magic Mouse 2 (A1657). The first impressions are very good, with luck it will have a long enough battery life to be usable. According to Apple it can recharge in less than five minutes to give enough charge for an 8 hour day. Pairing the device couldn’t be easier, plug it into a USB port on the machine you want to use it on, and  the Bluetooth pairing is done.

Chinese Imports


The power supply on my Old Apple Cinema 30 monitor went bang a couple of weeks ago & you can’t buy them from Apple anymore so it was either take a chance on ebay for a Power supply that is as old or possibly older than the one that has failed, or look further afield.

Today, my new PSU from China arrived & it is completely indistinguishable from the original supply, except for the tape hiding the Apple logo, plugged in & switched on & all is right with the world, except for the snow, outside, not settling.

Upgrade time


Having been a user of PhotoShop CS5 since it’s introduction, I have decided  that it is time to bite the bullet & upgrade to the current version, as it was only £79.99 for a year subscription I have updated both the Desktop & the Laptop to PhotoShop CC 2018.

There appear to have been a few changes in the  last 8 years or so, but the most immediate change that I spotted was the Camera RAW screen, which offers quite a few more options when processing RAW images, including profiles including “Landscape”, “Portrait” plus others including my new favourite “Vivid”.

Weybridge CC v Middlesex CC 0132


A Little Protection Required

26/05/2018. Weybridge Cricket Club v Normandy Cricket Club

Having managed to crack the screen of my iPad and the repair cost is something of the order of £300, I decided that prevention is better than cure and invested in an OtterBox Defender.

I am quite impressed at the construction, however it does increase the size & weight of the iPad substantially.  However it is still lighter & more convenient than a laptop with a better battery life, so it is a compromise that I am happy to accept.

26/05/2018. Weybridge Cricket Club v Normandy Cricket Club


Gives You Wings


Red Bull does it, apparently some lady hygiene products do it and now I do it, Yep I’ve given my Desktop machine Wings. Having a couple of  256Gb SSD sitting around doing nothing seemed a bit of a waste, but seeing that all of my hard drive slots (plus one of the optical drive slots) were filled with spinning disks, with the exception of the boot up disk, i got in touch with my current supplier of all things Mac related, Create Pro and they suggested that I install a PCIe card with space for 2x SSDs.

The main reason for wanting to re-use these SSDs was a) well they hadn’t been used much, b) it seemed a waste of money not to, c) Photoshop & Lightroom are greatly speeded up if you have fast scratch disks.

So all installed, not tested in anger yet, but certainly has speeded up the access to my Archive in Lightroom.

The one that I opted for is the Angel Wings X2 (Yay even better than Wings they’re X-Wings) £155 inc VAT & Delivery.


iPad Workflow


For shooting football I mainly use an iPad for moving images quickly. The Workflow is quite simple and effective. The camera bodies are connected to the iPad via WFT-E6s and configured to work with ShutterSnitch. I have the cameras set up so that I can select individual frames to the iPad.  ShutterSnitch recieves the images and performs a couple of automated tasks, including a basic caption, renaming & copying to the camera roll. Continue reading

More Backing Up


Having filled another load of hard disks, it is time to upgrade the Back Up procedure. Having been using 2TB hard disks for the current archive (which covers from 2015 to present day) plus another 2TB disk as a back up, plus a 5TB hard disk which is a back up to the back up, with additional (less important back ups) I have now moved to 2x 4TB Disks, which will provide online Archive for 2015 to hopefully 2020 & a back up for the same. The main archive hard disk will also be backed up to the external 5TB hard disk.

back up

And now the process of copying across the archive begins.

Backing Up



Having had issues with the image sizes that the iPad was receiving from the cameras (about 2000 pixels by 1400, and nothing that the authors of any of the software  worked) for the past couple of weeks,  I decided to do a complete restore & re-install all of the applications, which seems to have solved the problem, however, in the meantime I accidentally seem to have ordered an iPad pro.

So with the impending release of iOS 11, and the fact that Photogene has been reporting that the next iOS upgrade will not be supported, and the author seems to have gone AWOL, I decided that I should prepare by updating the apps that I am going to be using when the upgrade arrives.

Having dealt with the author of ShutterSnitch I shall be retaining that application, as there maybe some really interesting developments on their way,  PicturePro will probably be retained along with Filterstorm in the short term, I shall evaluate them in the first few months and settle on one of them.

Transmit will remain as it is an app that I use across all of the platforms that I use. Snapseed will remain as the route to social media & WeTransfer will remain as  the way of moving video footage.


New Card Reader


Having had a Lexar USB3 CF Card Reader for some time, I felt that it was time to explore another option, now that I  have a USB3 PCI-E card in the Mac Pro and have been getting fed up plugging & unplugging the Lexar every time the laptop goes in the field, I have decided to leave the Lexar at home & use a Delkin Card reader in the field.

First tests seem encouraging. I also like the fact that the lead is hard-wired, which cures one of the problems with the Lexar, which is that it can become separated from it’s lead, either in the bag or whilst transferring files.


Yet more backing up


As disks are so cheap at present, I have added a couple more to my back up my archive. The archive currently covers a number of 2TB disks, many of the images were shot with EOS 1D, EOS 1D mkIIn & Mark 4s, since upgrading to 1Dx bodies the rate that I am filling 2TB disks is increasing. SO another 10TB (5 to use & 5 as a back up).



Seeing as on match days I am now using an iPad instead of a laptop to wire images to the picture desk, I decided that I needed something to transport it in and something to assist when editing photos.

So for transporting I purchased a Think Tank case, and to assist with editing a Snap Case with  a rotating handle.


So far everything works well, images from the camera go to the iPad via a WFT-E6 & Shuttersnitch. Images are selected on camera & sent to the iPad. Once the images have arrived they are automatically renamed and captioned (with a basic caption) and saved to a new directory. If they need editing, then that is done in Photogene and the pictures are then wired to the picture desk.

The great thing about this process is that the edit & download can be done during lulls in the action, no need to swap CF cards or mass-download, just the images that I want are sent to the iPad. This also means that photos can moved every few minutes, which is ideal for live blogging football matches.



Ready to Go


All of the important apps are installed on the iPad & the iPhone, including Shuttersnitch which I use for renaming photos that arrive from the WTF-E6 and adding a standard caption & saving to the camera roll, if the images require further tweaking then Photogene is the next tool to be used, images are then emailed to the client or tweeted as required. If I just want something “rough & ready” then Snapseed is used to share on twitter.

In the event of a problem with the iPad then I could fail-over to the iPhone.

I never thought


IMG_0030If you’d have asked me at the turn of the millennium I would never have dreamt that I would be ordering 32GB CF cards. In the late 1990s I was shooting with a DCS3 (1.3megapixels) and 170mb Viper cards. By the time I moved to DCS520 bodies (2.0 megapixels)  I was using 340mb Microdrives and the when the EOS 1D arrived I think I was shooting with 1Gb cards, so then fast forward to 2016 and now 32GB card are order of the day.


About Time

Huawei E5330

Huawei E5330

Having recently upgraded to a smart phone it only seemed sensible that I upgrade from a rather dodgy “3” Dongle, which works more less as and when it feels like it, frequently showing zero signal which connected & sending images, then minutes later showing full strength signal whilst dropping the connection, so a cheap mifi is the order of the day, meaning that I also am not tying up a valuable USB port whilst wiring images.

Bloody Typical

IMG_0005You upgrade your camera equipment, and then you have to upgrade the lap-top as well because it can’t cope with the mahooosive files. I guess it needed to be done, the old MacBook Pro was getting a little tired, even with maxed out RAM & a SSD it really wan’t cutting it. So the replacement laptop has a 512gb SSD & 16gb RAM, I have taken it back to OSX 10.7 as everything works & I am reluctant to do Apples Beta testing for them.

Not sure that I can keep up with all this new technology, new camera, new phone new laptop,

That’s even betterer…..

appl_mb_2006Upgraded the memory in my “new” Mackbook Pro last week, up to the maximum it can handle, (3GB) and the thing absolutely flies, Photoshop CS4 opens in a couple of seconds, transfering images from PhotoMechanic to PSCS4 takes less than a second. RAW files transfer in about a second, so it is substantially quicker than the old G4 Powerbook.

Tomorrow it will get tested in anger, as I am covering AFC Wimbledon versus Cambridge United, so will will see how it stands up.

I did temporarily upgrade to OSX 10.6 but for some reason the 3G modem is not supported so it is impossible to wire, if anyone has any workarounds for the HUAWEI 3G USB dongle (on the 3 network) I’d be pleased to hear from you.

Blimey, that’s better

appl_mb_2006My old G4 Powerbook really is on it’s last legs, So I have been hunting for a replacement, but couldn’t justify spending the best part of 2 grand on a new MacBook Pro.

So a few days watching ebay and I saw a few likely candidates, but they went for silly money. However a search of Gumtree and I found a MacBook Pro, 2.33ghz, Intel Core 2 Duo machine, with 2GB RAM, 320GB Hard disk in near mint condition with box and original disks and paperwork, in fact the remote control had never even been taken out of the box. All for £650, a quick haggle and £600 notes change hands, Deal Done!

I have spent the last day or so installing all of the software that I require, and I am gobsmacked at the difference in performance, I probably shouldn’t be too surprised, my old G4 1Ghz Powerbook is at least 6 years old, and whilst it has been upgraded in terms of memory and hard disk space, the processor was the weak link.

Damned and Blast

g4You will see in a couple of days a new post for a job I did last week for the Star on Sunday in Turkey. Unfortunately, during that trip my Powerbook (an old G4 1Ghz Aluminium) took a bit of a tumble whilst waiting for an internal flight from Bodrum to Istanbul. Net result was that the machine would not reboot. Fortunately I had wired all of the images that I needed to from the hotel before I left.

Anyway on arrival home, I replaced various bits, swapped hard disks, memory and the such, but concluded that it must be the logic board. Damned expensive to replace, something like £500+. A quick trip to my preferred repair agents, called Backstage Services in Esher Click Here for their website, to drop the laptop off for repair on Monday morning. Monday lunch they confirmed my worst fears, but they could get an exchange logic board, supply and fit for £328.00 all inclusive. Even though it is a six year old laptop, I figured it was worth it, as a new one would be in excess of £1300, plus I would still need to recover all the images from the old hard disk.

They promised the part would be delivered Tuesday and installed ASAP.

Once again they delivered superb service and incredibly quickly as well, kudos to Backstage.

Power Corrupts

g5macDamned and blast. The Power Supply in my Mac G5 went tits up. A call to my usual suppliers (CancomUK.com) revealed that they no longer offer servicing on the premises and would require the machine to be sent away (some 3 or 4 weeks) which was completely unacceptable.

Cancom, however, gave me a contact number for a company that I had never heard of, called Backstage Services, in Esher. They promised a turn around of 2-3 working days. I was a little surprised, but if they say they can I will give them a go.

THe G5 was dropped of at their offices in Esher on the Wednesday 22nd April, with a promise that it would be ready on the Friday.

Friday came and went (OK they did call to say that they were waiting for the part), which I have to say didn’t surprise me, knowing what Apple are like, they don’t hold any stock, no matter what you order they have to assemble it prior to shipping.

Anyway, Tuesday I get a phone call to say the part has been delivered and that the machine will be ready for collection in the afternoon.

Whilst they managed to return the machine without connecting the DVD drive power supply and the internal speaker everythingelse seems fine.

Will I use them again? Yes, why? Two reasons; One, because they had the right attitude, they called regularly to update, and I am sure the next time they work on one of my machines they will get it “bang-on”. Two, because I didn’t think that £130 (inc VAT) was expensive.

Want to give them a try? Here is their website, Here or phone +44 (0)1372 471100 and speak to Guy (the MD) and say that Paul Burgman said to give them a try.

If there are any suggestions that I would make is their website is a little simplistic, which is great, in some ways, but, if I was to be involved in repairing and maintaining apple macs (which I was for many years for professional photographer colleagues) I would also maintain a trouble shooting guide on the site. OK my G5 problem was easy to work out, not much diagnosis required for a PS failure. But some problems are less easy to resolve. And who has their diagnostic disks and favoured utilities to hand?
Cheers Suckers.

Hot, damned Hot

tempgaugeHot, damned Hot, which is fine if you’re with a women, lousy when your laptop is melting your jeans.

One of the problems with the G4 Powerbooks is that by defualt they tend to run very hot, the default seems to be something like 60 Degrees C, and there is no control from within the operating system (well not from the GUI part anyway) so a quick bit of research and I found a peice of software called Temperature Monitor that gives the “live” temps from four different parts of the laptops casing, the Battery, the Processor, Power Supply and the hard disk.

All well a good, but there is no method of controlling the temperature that the fans will kick in at. So a bit more research and a piece of software called “ControlPBFan” (actually not so much software as a script, using the BSD Unix that runs behind OSX) and now I have my temp set to 50 degrees, which means that the casing of the laptop is cool enough to use perched on my lap, something that was uncomfortable before.

Fuck Me, Remind me not to do that for a while…

g4I have an old (must be about 5 years old) MAC G4 PowerBook, and recently it has given me some shit, I upgraded to 10.5 and Photoshop CS4 and everything just seemed to die. Thinking that the OS upgrade and the bloated CS4 caused a problem I downgraded back to 10.4 and CS3, that seemed to cure some of the ills.

However today the machine crashed, and would not restart. It also seemed to be running hotter than usual. First reaction was hard disk failure, second though was memory sodimm failure, a quick test revealed that the memory (which was only recently upgraded to 2Gb) was OK. So I went and purchased a new 2.5 IDE hard disk from one of my regular suppliers (wwww.cancomuk.com). The original HD was a 60Gb Hitachi, the replacement a 120GB Hitachi.

Continue reading

Technology Is great

CF cards are incredibly robust, they seldom fail, in the last few years I have never had to replace a CF card because of failure. I usually replace them because they are too small for the next generation of digital cameras. However, a couple of days ago a CF card failed, and catastrophically. Even Rescue Pro couldn’t help recover the lost images. So before everyone gets too comfortable and goes out buying 16Gb cards, remember they can and do fail, better not to have all your eggs in one basket.’

Back Ups

It is all very well taking sellable images, but not much use if you cannot keep then safe and accessible.

Having created your masterpieces, the next most important thing (after getting them to your market place) is to keep them safe, and accessible.

Many photographers are, at best, haphazard about backing up their images and maintaining an archive that will enable them to find their images in a hurry. Many have no processes to protect their images against accidental deletion or sudden and catastrophic equipment failure.

I will outline here a few of the procedures that I use, that ensure that should I lose some images I can retrieve them from my back-up systems.

Firstly, and most importantly don’t rely on a single back-up strategy, CDs and DVDs fail, often without warning, you burn them, you test them and put them somewhere safe and 6 months later they are un-readable. The problem is that you cannot tell what ones will fail or why. External Hard disks can also be prone to failure (in fact there is only two types of hard disk; ones that are about to fail and ones that have failed).
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