Another Day No News

Grant Broster Search 0051

31/03/2016.Surrey Police continue to search for 56-year-old Grant Broster in the River Wey, Guildford.

After a rush to Brighton this morning to pick up some new glass in the shape of the Sigma 120-300mm F2.8 EX DG HSM OS Sport, to replace the rather tired original 120-300 F2.8, which whilst functioning perfectly, is not as good as image quality as the much later one. the AF is a great improvement (on initial tests) but we shall see when it comes to football at the weekend.

Anyway after four hours standing on a muddy riverbank in my shiny shoes (I usually have a pair of walking boots in the car, but not today) my feet were cold, & the divers were packing in for the night as it was dark, I headed of to another jobby.

Guildford’s Cathedral was being lit up in blue to mark the World Autism Awareness Day, which is on the 2nd of April. So of to find a good view point, I know that it can be done from The Mount, but I wanted a different view, so went drive & walkabouts. The view from the footbridge at the Dennisville roundabout was not very clean, with bits of the University blocking the Cathedral, so a trip up to Park Barn, followed by a trip up Cathedral Hill.

31/03/2016.Guildford Cathedral in Blue for World Autism Awareness Day.

31/03/2016.Guildford Cathedral in Blue for World Autism Awareness Day. Viewed from Cathedral View. Guildford, GU2 8FD.

Quite How We Lost this…

GCFC v SCR 0473

28/03/2016 Guildford City FC v Sutton Common Rovers. City’s Tarome HEMMINGS shoots from a direct free kick

City lost 0-1 against Sutton Common Rovers, quite how we managed it I don’t know, having hit the woodwork, tested their keeper, the only answer I have is that we were profligate with our chances. On another day we’d have been 3 or 4 to the good by half time. As usual the opposition & supporters of other teams take the piss out of the appearance of our pitch, but f*ck you, we get our games on, the sand banding had to be done in November after a collapsed drain, so it was never going to look pretty, just grow f*cking up. I don’t hear the same shite about other teams that failed to get games on after a heavy dew, we played after storm katie.

In other, sad news on the same day, a man went missing in the river Wey after kayaking in the swollen river. The police & fire service are still looking to recover the body.

Missing Grant Broster PPUK0005

30/03/2016.Police search at Riverside, Guildford, Kayaker missing in River Wey named as 56-year-old Grant Broster. Surrey Police  continue to search the River Wey for a man whose kayak overturned on Monday 28th March.

Disappointing Game


26/03/2016 Knaphill FC v Guildford City FC. City’s Tarome HEMMINGS beats the keeper but can’t find the back of the net

Disappointed to see the City lose at Knaphill in a game that will be mostly remembered for the absolutely f*cking atrocious refereeing decisions. Knaphill deserved the win, probably, after all they were far more successful at getting in the ear of the incompetent referee & the linesmen who would struggle to keep up in a “walking football” tournament. What really put the icing on the cake was the fact that the Knaphill ‘keeper went into a challenge after the whistle had been blown with the intent to maim a City player & came off worse. Knaphill supporters may say that this is sour grapes, but I also photographed their game with Westfield, and they were exactly the same in that match.

Anyway Karma does what Karma does.. and if Karma has something to do tomorrow, I imagine it will be to cause three match official’s cars to spontaneously combust, so that no other football club has to witness such shite officials.

Anyway I hope the Knaphill ‘keeper recovers quickly, I am fairly sure that it is a broken bone in the foot, rather than a broken foot.


Anyway on a positive, I was glad once again to see that the City players didn’t descend to the same level & everytime they were scythed down they got up, dusted themselves off & like real men, played football, rather than bitching to the referee. #UpTheCity!

Brentford Woes

19/03/2016 Brentford v Blackburn Rovers. Ryan WOODS

19/03/2016 Brentford v Blackburn Rovers. Ryan WOODS

I was sent to cover the Brentford game, against Blackburn Rovers, who I have photographed on a number of occasions when they were in the Premier League, a disappointing result for the Bees, conceding a late goal against a 10 man side.

In other news, Guildford City continued their climb up the league with what appears to have been a bit of a stroll with a 4-0 victory over Cove.


18/03/2016 Westfield v Guildford City. City ran out 0-3 winners.

18/03/2016 Westfield v Guildford City. City ran out 0-3 winners.

After a wretched time away a Spelthorne Sports last weekend, Guildford City traveled to local rivals Westfield & despite a couple of scares that goalkeeper Nic Taylor was more than up to, City put on a dazzling footballing performance.  No hopeful long balls just patient build up play, starting with the back four through the midfield then some precision finishing. City probably could have & maybe should have scored at least a couple more.

A three goal victory & a clean sheet, from memory that means only two defeats in the last 13 games. City now host Cove FC at the Spectrum, 3 points please COYG! #UpTheCity.


New Toys

12/03/2016 PocketWizard Plus III Camera Remotes

12/03/2016 PocketWizard Plus III Camera Remotes

All ready for the next Guildford City home game, a new set of transmitters for the behind the goal remote cameras. These will live in my camera bag, and the old ones will retire to the studio box/bags & travel when the studio kit goes mobile. With a long range mode that should enable me to trigger a remote from the opposite end of a football pitch, something that my old remotes could do, but not reliably. This should make the process a little easier & a lot more reliable. Now all I need to find is a cheap 20mm rather than risking the expensive 16-35mm.

12/03/2016 PocketWizard Plus III Camera Remotes

12/03/2016 PocketWizard Plus III Camera Remotes

A defeat

12/03/2016 Spelthorne Sports v Guildford City FC

12/03/2016 Spelthorne Sports v Guildford City FC. Another fine save by City keeper Nic Taylor

City were unable to continue their winning streak, however we go again on Thursday night in a game against Westfield, who because of a lot of postponed matches (including last Thursday against the City) seem to have a few Saturday/Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday  games coming up. City should despite the recent defeat go into the game full of confidence, especially because we see  the return of Jack Battie as a hustling midfield engine. Hopefully everyone else will be fit. I am  looking forward to the game, and the game on Saturday. #UpTheCity. Hopefully on Saturday we can complete the players H&S photos & a team line up as well.

Retirement Imminent


Canon EOS 1D Mark IIn

After nearly 8 years of service the old girl is about to retire, with some 120,000 frames to her credit she has never stopped working, she has had to be resucitated several times, over her life, twice in the last couple of years after 6+ hours in monsoon conditions needing a warm bed in the airing cupboard however she has always bounced back into front line duty. Her destiny now is to be relegated to behind-the-goal remote duty at football  games, along with her twin sister & a couple of cheap wide angles.

Her first paid for job was a trip to Rome to photograph Keira Knightly.

Kiera Knightly Rome  PPUK0005-Edit

Keira Knightly leaves Taberna Gracci with movie company colleagues. No re-use, no resale.

Sunday Diary

06/03/2016 Nuts Challenge. Competitors

06/03/2016 Nuts Challenge. Competitors

So after a busy Saturday what usually follows is a lazy Sunday, but not this weekend, 5 jobs on the diary, the first of which required me to park in a field, which required the help of a number of attendants to push the car into a  parking space….. and then required them a little later to help push it back out again, the car is now in desperate need of a valet 🙂 Anyhoo, first job was to photograph a large number of nut cases, taking on the Nuts Challenge, ambient temperature was about 2 degrees, and these fools jump into ponds, streams, mud & all kinds of shite for, it seems, pleasure.

06/03/2016 Nuts Challenge. Competitors

06/03/2016 Nuts Challenge. Competitors

They are or at least appear to be enjoying it, Madness, anyway well done to those that took part.

06/03/2016 Austin Morris Day at Brooklands Museum. Austin Metros

06/03/2016 Austin Morris Day at Brooklands Museum. Austin Metros

Another job today was the photographing of Brooklands Museum Austin & Morris Day, & no, I don’t know who the Day brothers are, so I snapped some cars instead, which was nice. The only downside was £1.65 for the worlds smallest cup of tea, don’t these vendors realise, these people can’t afford expensive cups of tea, they drive Austin Metros, if they had £1.65 they’d buy a better car. (only joking… or am I?) I did have an MG Metro Turbo for a while, which was a hoot to drive for the 7 minutes that it actually worked in any given month.

06/03/2016 Austin Morris Day at Brooklands Museum. 1923 Austin "works" Racer

06/03/2016 Austin Morris Day at Brooklands Museum. 1923 Austin “Works” Racer doing what Austins have always done, dropping coolant on the floor.

Another Great Win


05/03/2016 Brentford FC v Charlton Athletic. Yoann BARBET scores

Just a shame that I wasn’t there to see it, my day consisted of a full diary culminating with Brentford v Charlton. However in my absence Guildford City went 0-2 down, only come rampaging back to win 3-2, Get F*cking In.