I like foreign jobs, especially for pretty girls

blogCarl Froch and Rachel 027I like foreign jobs, especially if it involves photographing pretty girls. The last couple of days have been a bit of a blur.

I received a phone call on Thursday morning asking if I fancied Turkey. Hmmmm, with all the trimmings, I gave the obvious answer and within 20 minutes I was heading for Gatwick Airport and a quEasyJet flight to Bodrum, Turkey. Changed up a few squids for Lira’s, and later regretted not getting Euros, or keeping sterling.

blogCarl Froch and Rachel 169Anyway a flight was boarded and I arrived in Turkey at about 1900hrs (local) a taxi ride to the airport, in a Dacia (basically a third world Renault). The Marmara Hotel in Bodrum was a nice place to be on a warm summers evening. but whilst I tried to track down the targets (who were staying in the same hotel, I decided that I should sample at least a couple of beers.

How much? HOW FUCKING MUCH?? 18 Turkish Lira for a bottle of Corona, 18 Fucking TurFuckingkish LiFuckingra, something like £8 a bottle. So I thought best just make do with the 5 then.

No sign of the targets, the hotel receptionist was worse than useless, OK his English was better than my Turkish, but he couldn’t tell me if the couple I was after was in the hotel. After about three minutes of bashing away at his keyboard, he asked if I was looking for an Escort Girl??

I wouldn’t do an Escort Girl, even if I had paid her, I’d want at least a BMW Bird or a Ferrari Bint. Anyway about 0330hrs I retire. At 0700hrs I am up and looking for the target. New receptionist understand TOG, and tells me which room number, so a quick breakfast and then a call to the room (about 0730hrs).

blogCarl Froch and Rachel 351I didn’t want to call earlier than that, because the target is one Carl Froch, Super Middle-weight Boxing Champion of the World. Last thing I wanted was for Mr Froch to be all cross and grumpy with me at the crack of dawn (I know 0700hrs isn’t normally the crack of dawn, but it is when you are on holiday and had a few beers the night before).

blog-Rachael Cordingley set 2 111Carl couldn’t have been nicer, 0830hrs and him and his gorgeous girlfriend are doing a nice set of pictures by the pool side. 0900 and the first set of pictures is done.

A little break and then the second set are also in the bag. I wired some 50 photos to the office, and then had a rest, followed by a taxi journey by the worst taxi driver in the world (even worse than the Rome experience) to Bodrum airport.

Where due to cost-savings I was due to fly first to Istambul and then get a connecting flight to Heathrow. Yes I know I said I flew from Gatwick. Anyway 2115hrs I eventually land at Heathrow, trek all the way to Gatwick to retrieve the car and then eventually drive home.

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