Surrey Police Speeding Campaign

Once again Surrey Police are to target speeders, which even according to their spokesman, speed is a contributory factor in only 16% of all Fatal and Serious Injury Accidents. Their figures in fact report that Speeding is contributory in only 6% of accidents, the remainder of the “16%” is driving to fast for the conditions, which is not the same as speeding.

According to the BBC:

A campaign targeting speeding motorists in Surrey is featuring a poster of a young girl in tears. The campaign poster asks drivers how they would tell the girl, Amy, that they had killed her parents. The Surrey Safety Camera Partnership said the safety campaign, aimed at cutting speeding, was set to run until the end of November. Posters have been displayed on buses across the county and in businesses, libraries, hospitals and surgeries.

Spokesman Adrian Creek said it was to warn motorists “about the potentially fatal consequences of speeding”. He said that out of a total of 4,684 recorded collisions on Surrey roads last year, 749 (16%) were recorded as being caused by drivers either exceeding the speed limit, or driving too fast for the conditions. “The posters are designed to be emotive and hard-hitting because we want to make drivers think very carefully about the very serious consequences if they drive too fast,” he said. “Not only is speed clearly a major factor in many collisions in Surrey but it also makes the consequences far worse.”

However the latest figures published by the Surrey Police do not stack up in favour of targeting speeders, but instead appear to support the targeting of incompetent drivers, however, you can’t do that with speed cameras, so they probably won’t bother.

You will notice that exceeding the speed limit was a contributory factor in 6% of fatal accidents and 5.4% in Serious Injury Accidents. So when nearly 30% of all accidents are caused by crap driving, 20 % no known cause and Incompetent pedestrians crossing the road without looking adding another 10% why target the driver who may be a little over the speed limit. What I would like to know, and their figures do not include it is where exceeding the speed limit and another factor for example drink/drug related offences have combined, I suspect that the number of KSI (Killed, Seriously Injured) Speed related “Only” would drop further

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