Good Home Win

Brentford v Wigan Athletic EFL Sky Bet Championship 15/09/2018.

Today I was at Brentford v Wigan Athletic. Good home win for the Bees.



Better Late than….


Looks like my football season is about to kick off, hey ho, better late than never, thought that I had better get my code replacements sorted out ready for Premer League & Championship, that’s an hour that I won’t ever see again, but at least it should need very little change until the new transfer window.



Relieved to ¬†get my car back from the bodyshop, after yet another visit to correct their work, still not right, panel gaps are horrendous, paint colour match is poor. But at least it isn’t the death trap Mercedes that they lent me.



At the Farnborough Airshow yesterday whilst I was shooting the static displays, I was  asked why I was shooting with two similar lenses on separate bodies. I had a 14mm on one & a 15mm on the other. However the results from each are very different.

21/07/2018 Pictures from Farnborough International Airshow.21/07/2018 Pictures from Farnborough International Airshow.


Farnborough International Airshow


Bloody hell that was warm, next time I must remember that the media facilities are not the best place to shoot from. Anyhoo here’s a few pics.