Gives You Wings


Red Bull does it, apparently some lady hygiene products do it and now I do it, Yep I’ve given my Desktop machine Wings. Having a couple of  256Gb SSD sitting around doing nothing seemed a bit of a waste, but seeing that all of my hard drive slots (plus one of the optical drive slots) were filled with spinning disks, with the exception of the boot up disk, i got in touch with my current supplier of all things Mac related, Create Pro and they suggested that I install a PCIe card with space for 2x SSDs.

The main reason for wanting to re-use these SSDs was a) well they hadn’t been used much, b) it seemed a waste of money not to, c) Photoshop & Lightroom are greatly speeded up if you have fast scratch disks.

So all installed, not tested in anger yet, but certainly has speeded up the access to my Archive in Lightroom.

The one that I opted for is the Angel Wings X2 (Yay even better than Wings they’re X-Wings) £155 inc VAT & Delivery.




Canon 400mm F2.8L IS 013

I really couldn’t justify the £10k that a new 400mm F2.8 L IS II would cost, so I was fortunate enough to pick up a late 400mm F2.8 L IS from a private seller, I must admit that I love shooting with the 400mm F2.8, I got rid of my last one (a 400mm mkII non IS) a number of years ago when service parts became impossible to get. This one is in near mint condition, the paint is mostly intact (one or two marks) but importantly it is optically perfect, including a recalibration test done last week.


Brentford v Preston North End

Brentford v PNE 077

Damned that was wet, again. A 1-1 draw in the rain, did I mention that it was wet? Anyway the kit is in the airing cupboard, again!  Can’t wait until the weather improves…

Fulham v Nottingham Forest

Fulham v NFFC 041

Damned that was wet, cold & wet. Fulham ran out winners in the end, the first half & the beginning of the second half looked a little like a “defend & attack” training session. Time to chuck myself & the kit into the tumble dryer methinks.

Brentford v Norwich City

Brentford v Norwich City 688

I almost always enjoy my trips to Griffin Park, usually, even when it is wet, and boy it was wet on Saturday, my mood wasn’t even lifted by the match as there was only one goal & that was at the other end of the pitch.

New Toy Time

canon 24mm1.4A

Having mainly zooms in the kit bag, I  have decided that I should have a few “prime” Primes also, so I shall be adding some new glass over the coming months. Seeing as most of the stuff I shoot is either on a 16-35mm or a 300mm, first up is the Canon 24mm F1.4. I hope to give this a proper work out over the coming months & then add a 50mm & an 85mm.


Fulham v Barnsley

Fulham v Barnsley 469

23/12/2017. Fulham v Barnsley. Action from the SkyBet Championship at Craven Cottage. Fulham’s Floyd AYITE scores

Photographed Barnsley twice in 8 days, last weekend against Brentford, this weekend against Fulham. Barnsley provided an entertaining match in both, but Fulham were able to eek out a win.