Then there were two


Having upgraded one of my iPods to 128GB which now lives permanently in the car, it was time to upgrade the other one to the same spec, I had forgotten how bloody fiddly it was, all done now & will be used when I am not in the car.


iCap Review


iCap Min Pro, nicely packed into it’s pouch

Having had the iCap for just over week, I thought I’d share my thoughts. Firstly it is a great idea and works really rather well, especially at football when it is peeing with rain, I have it sitting on top of my ThinkTank Airport Accelerator V2.0 which in turn is lying on top of my PeliCase 1510. This means that the laptop is at a nice working height for me whilst sitting on the MinMax stool.


Macbook Pro all snug in the iCap

It provides great protection (in this case to a 13.3 Macbook Pro) from the rain, and it would work equally as well as a sun shade.


iCap folded flat, in readiness for either erecting or packing away


The only issue that I have, and it becomes less of a problem the more I have practiced it, is folding it away to fit back in it’s little pouch. I have managed it a couple of times, but probably need to practice a few more times before being entirely comfortable with it.


iCap folded back into it’s little pouch, honest I did manage it



“U is for Umbrella, we use it in the rain, we hope that we shan’t want one, till we’re home again”

Photographing football almost certainly means at some point in the season you are going to get very wet, and as everyone knows computers & water don’t mix, so to protect the laptop whilst wiring from pitchside I have acquired a cover.

I have managed to put it up and fold it back into it’s case, I think that a couple of practice sessions with it are required before it goes used in anger (unless it pees with rain on Saturday).

Disappointing Draw

Brentford v Reading EFL Sky Bet Championship 29/09/2018.

I went to Brentford yesterday for the match against Reading. There was not a lot to report a 2-2 draw, but one moment made me chuckle when Yoann Barbet, legged it to the dugout & came back with a bit of paper that he showed other team mates, whatever it was must have worked as a few minutes later, he equalised.