Canon 10×30 IS Binos

Canon 10×30 IS Binoculars

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Canon 10 x30 IS Binoculars

When Canon launched the IS range of binoculars they were ground breaking, there was (as far as I can recall) no others with image stabilisation. They were expensive, although the prices seem to have plateau ‘d to a sensible level. Mine are several years old, but still perform perfectly. And a set of batteries seems to last for ever.

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Phobias, Brilliant!

_pfs4826Being the child that I am (to be honest most blokes are the same) I found the quote in Blackadder, where Doctor Johnson is seeking patronage for his Dictionary from the Prince Regent hits the mark. If you don’t know it I shall repeat it below:

Dr. Johnson: Sir! I hope you are not using the first English dictionary to look up rude words!
Edmund: I wouldn’t be too hopeful. That’s what all the other ones will be used for.

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Back Ups

It is all very well taking sellable images, but not much use if you cannot keep then safe and accessible.

Having created your masterpieces, the next most important thing (after getting them to your market place) is to keep them safe, and accessible.

Many photographers are, at best, haphazard about backing up their images and maintaining an archive that will enable them to find their images in a hurry. Many have no processes to protect their images against accidental deletion or sudden and catastrophic equipment failure.

I will outline here a few of the procedures that I use, that ensure that should I lose some images I can retrieve them from my back-up systems.

Firstly, and most importantly don’t rely on a single back-up strategy, CDs and DVDs fail, often without warning, you burn them, you test them and put them somewhere safe and 6 months later they are un-readable. The problem is that you cannot tell what ones will fail or why. External Hard disks can also be prone to failure (in fact there is only two types of hard disk; ones that are about to fail and ones that have failed).
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There are many amusing stories that come from the media industry, however these focus specifically on stories relating to press photographers, for obvious reasons the names have been changed to protect the innocent, and in some cases the incompetent.

Many of these incidents are bought about by the secrecy of the newspapers picture desks or the reporters not being willing to give the snapper the full details of the story (they seem to think that a photographer will tell all his other photographer mates).  I have been on countless jobs that I have had to ask the subject what the story is about, so that I can set up some suitable pictures.

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Political Correctness Gone Mad

As reported in The Sun and The Guardian a college in the West Country has banned hugging. I find it bizarre, that an expression of friendship should be considered politically incorrect. As for it being used as a method of bullying, that has to be the biggest load of bollox ever. When I was at school pinching, Chinese burns and flicking of ears were the preferred methods of bullying, along with various psychological methods.

How I must admit that I am not a big hugger, unless it is with members of the opposite sex, however I can’t say that I would feel intimidated by someone giving me a hug, I might feel that my personal space was being invaded if it was another fella, but God Forbid to ban hugging!!

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