Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 EX IF HSM APO Lens

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This a review of the Pre DG version, the EX DG is reviewed elsewhere on this webstite

“First impressions last:” they say, but for convenience will do them first, after a brief thank you to Ray of Sigma for organising the loan of the 120-300 and 300-800mm lenses for review.

First Impressions: I really wanted to like this lens, on paper it looked the perfect addition to my outfit, and my first impressions were very positive, the lens is finished in a sparkly black coating, with a gold coloured ring around the front end. Far more discrete than the Canon big white lenses. It is shipped in a green soft pouch, which seems to provide adequate protection and equipped with a shoulder strap, no belt strap which is understandable given the weight of this lens.

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