Hells Angels Call PC

Today I attended a Press Conference called by the London Chapter of the Hells Angels Motor Cycle Club and the former girlfriend of the Club Member Gerry Tobin who was shot to death on the M40 in Warwickshire at the weekend, whilst returning from the Bulldog Bash Weekend. The announcement was done at the same time as a press conference was being held in Warwickshire by the OIC of the case. Rebecca Smith remained silent throughout the procedures as the statement was read by the President of the London Chapter. The M40 was shut for more than 24 hours following the shooting whilst police combed the area for Forensics. The Police have also said that they would like anyone who witnessed the event to come forward, especially if they have any information on a green Rover 620 that was seen in the vicinity. The Hells Angel had been riding alongside two friends on his Harley-Davidson FXSTB 1500 Night Train after leaving the Bulldog Bash when he was shot dead.

Angel-Press-Conf-017.jpg” Police said they now believed the green Rover 620 seen near the incident contained at least two and possibly three occupants. CCTV images have been located from a number of places and forensic evidence from the motorway is being examined. Warwickshire Police have received more than 300 calls from people in the UK and abroad about the case. They said the inquiry had some help from bikers’ organisations but the response of the Hells Angels had been less than completely open. The London Hells Angels have set up a memorial fund for Mr Tobin and their website has been deluged with messages from around the world. A biker event planned for next month, the Chop and Rod show at Henfold Lakes, in Surrey, has been postponed as a result of the shooting ‘

Twice in a week

Another news story in one week, bloody hell. This time it was the shooting and murder of a young black kid in Brixton, South East London. In a little cul-de-sac whilst walking home a 18 year old called Nathan Foster was murdered a little after 10 pm on Friday night, according to witnesses there were three gunshots fired, by a youth on a motorcycle

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Civil Servant Jailed

It is always nice to do a news story, seeing as the last 7 years or so of my life have been spent doing shite celebrity pictures for the Sunday Mirror. Last week I was at Croydon Law Courts looking for a civil servant called Valentina Costley who was paid £3,000 a time to countersign passport applications for illegal immigrants. Mostly black, and mostly drug dealers but potentially they could have been terrorists, Ms. COSTLEY didn’t care.
She was jailed for 2 years and two months for each of 12 offences to be served concurrently, which strikes me as just wrong 26 years seems much fairer. However the coppers dealing with the case seemed to think that this was a good result as they usually just get a slap on the wrist.

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