M25 Signs will give journey times

m25signsAccording to the Sky News website, the overhead signs will give the estimated journey time to specific junctions, they also claim that the signs will go live today, which is strange as they have been running for weeks.

Road signs on the M25 will tell drivers how long their motorway journey is expected to take. The Highways Agency will use existing electronic signs to list estimated travel times to M25 junctions ahead. The service is already in operation in the West Midlands and the South West, where 89% of motorists support its use. Roads minister Tom Harris said it would help drivers to “consider options such as changing their route or taking a break if there were traffic delays”. “We are making best use of our technology to help drivers find out about traffic conditions on their route both before they leave and during their journey,” he said. The service came into operation on Friday.


Bloody Virgins

Bloody Virgin Media are even worse than NTL. After 6 weeks without a telephone line in the office, No TV services and No Broadband, they eventually agree to get things sorted out. However, because of an administrative cock-up my account has been disconnected and I need to sign up for a new one. On top of that they insist that I need 2 brand new set top boxes and broadband modem, rather than reconnecting the existing ones. Despite their assurances that everything will be delivered today, Parcel Force arrived at mid-day with only one set top box, and it was damaged.
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BullShit Against Activists

I have often wondered about protestors, going through some of the archived images from the Climate Camp protests at Heathrow from the other week, I was impressed with this protestor’s sign. “Bullshit against Activists” it proudly proclaims. I was unsure how to comply with his request, should I throw some, or rub their faces in it or just hold it against them?’,

The Not So Great Unwashed

Yesterday I posted about coverage of the Environmentals at the “Climate Camp at Heathrow, well today I was back again, and the smell was even worse than yesterday, after having spent most of the night indulging in their silly games and dancing, they must have built up a good sweat got there at around 7.30 this morning, outside the Headquarters of BAA at Heathrow, where the unwashed had been blockading the building since yesterday afternoon. On arrival the police were, as to be expected, out in force, although the numbers were reduced during the day, and there was no sign of the Riot Gear unlike yesterday.

Talking to a few of the “old bill” during the day, it was funny that a number of them sympathised with their cause, but a few others enjoyed taking the Mickey, at one point a protestor was berating a WPC about her carbon footprint, when an Inspector came up as said to the WPC, “You’re flying off to Portugal on holiday next week aren’t you” which really annoyed the protestor. The problem with many of these groups, is that they try to change the world one person at a time, they have no savvy, and then they wonder why they get portrayed as idiots in the media. Several (actually closer to a dozen) spent an hour running up and down the BAA car park pretending to be aeroplanes, which would have been fine if they were 8 years old, but not 28.

These people really don’t do themselves any favours either, there were a large number of photographers and Video News teams present, filming one of their meetings, and to be honest, we were all amazed that they had even managed to get out of bed with out either asking “can we do a temperature check, does anyone want to get up now, or a bit later or a lot later?” “OK we’ll have a meeting in a hour and decide if we need to have another meeting to see if the main meeting is required”

Then on top of that, they decided to explain to the media what their peculiarly childish signs meant, when in a meeting, fuck me what a bunch of morons. For environmentals that are supposed to care about the planet they also have very peculiar way showing it. When the main group of protestors arrived at the BAA HQ yesterday afternoon, the first thing they did was to relieve themselves in the bushes at the edge of the car park, trust me it smelt really ripe this morning. Not only that, the protestors had an old Diesel Van come to collect a few belongings when they packed up at the BAA HQ, Now I can understand that logistics are important when catering to a group of several hundred, but I was gob smacked when I saw bicycles being loaded into the back of the Van surely cycling is far more environmentally friendly?

Then after they had finished the demonstration, BAA had to call in a team of Cleaners to hose down the Car Park, remove animal faeces and litter. All in all what a pleasant bunch. ‘

The Great Unwashed

Oh what joy, a day spent with the great unwashed, and about 1800 police officers from the Met, Surrey and TVP. The day started quietly enough probably because I was at the rendezvous point for the protesters at 0730hrs, and they were not expected until around three. When they did show there were a couple of scuffles and handbags at 10 paces. All in all not to bad, wired a few frames, and have to go back early doors tomorrow for another crack at it, I guess I’d better charge the batteries, literally and figuratively.

Hells Angels Call PC

Today I attended a Press Conference called by the London Chapter of the Hells Angels Motor Cycle Club and the former girlfriend of the Club Member Gerry Tobin who was shot to death on the M40 in Warwickshire at the weekend, whilst returning from the Bulldog Bash Weekend. The announcement was done at the same time as a press conference was being held in Warwickshire by the OIC of the case. Rebecca Smith remained silent throughout the procedures as the statement was read by the President of the London Chapter. The M40 was shut for more than 24 hours following the shooting whilst police combed the area for Forensics. The Police have also said that they would like anyone who witnessed the event to come forward, especially if they have any information on a green Rover 620 that was seen in the vicinity. The Hells Angel had been riding alongside two friends on his Harley-Davidson FXSTB 1500 Night Train after leaving the Bulldog Bash when he was shot dead.

Angel-Press-Conf-017.jpg” Police said they now believed the green Rover 620 seen near the incident contained at least two and possibly three occupants. CCTV images have been located from a number of places and forensic evidence from the motorway is being examined. Warwickshire Police have received more than 300 calls from people in the UK and abroad about the case. They said the inquiry had some help from bikers’ organisations but the response of the Hells Angels had been less than completely open. The London Hells Angels have set up a memorial fund for Mr Tobin and their website has been deluged with messages from around the world. A biker event planned for next month, the Chop and Rod show at Henfold Lakes, in Surrey, has been postponed as a result of the shooting ‘