Well that was fun

I decided that my Canon EF400mm needed recalibrating, seeing as I don’t think that I recalibrated it after replacing the lens mount last year, at least it was dry outside, can’t say that it was particularly warm though, but I can’t believe the amount of pollen that settled on the camera and the laptop in the hour or so that I was doing it.

The recalibration would appear to not really have been necessary, as the Micro AF adjustment just changed from +6 to +5, which in the real world is not particularly significant. I also ran few a few other test options and can report that all seems to be well.

Mini Pod

Ordered a new mini-tripod for shooting behind the goal, I have a Manfrotto Pixi Evo 2 section pod but whilst it is great, it just doesn’t have the height that I want. So a cheap & cheerful Neewer Mini Tripod has been added to the kit bag. For what I have intended for it, it doesn’t need to be incredibly rigid as it is only to hold the camera and a 24mm or a 16-35mm in one place, it will be shooting at at least 1/1000 of a second so camera shake is not going to be an issue. The only thing wrong that I can find is that the head has a QR plate and thread for the ball & socket head is 3/8th rather than the usual 1/4 so I can’t swap it for the ball & socket head that I already have.