Bloody Spam

I hate spam, email spam I can deal with, usually, though it is a pain in the arse when I am out and about, checking mail via my PDA or laptop on a dial up connection. But the spam that hacks me of the most is the spam that has been posted to my blog.

Over the last few days I have deleted something like 60-65 spam comments and trackbacks. I have now installed Spam Karma 2, an anti spam filter to the blog from to deal with them, I am pleased to report that since installing it I have had no successful attempts to spam the blog.

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Bloody Anti- 4×4 Brigade

One of the things that really irritates the shit out of me is the anti 4×4 brigade. Most of the whinging twats that complain about 4x4s are either jealous, because they can’t afford to buy or run a 4×4 or they are environmentalists that believe that every 4×4 is a gas guzzling tarmac shreading monster.

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