Funny Old Day!

Today has been a bit of strange one, firstly no commissions today, which is a little unusual for a Tuesday, however I could do with the time off. Firstly, the Leica V35 Autofocus enlarger I was bidding for on eBay went for ludicrous money over £850. Sorry that wasn’t incredulous enough EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY QUID!!!!! (Is that enought exclamation marks?) Continue reading


My Haven’t you changed?

It is strange to think how much the equipment involved in my job has changed over the last 20 years or so, I was chatting with a colleague recently about how much money had been spent on equipment. The figures are frightening; it would have paid for my house several times over. That’s not including the Zenit, Cosina and Pentax kit I started out with (which would have added about another tuppency ha’penny to the bill).

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You Gotta Love Ebay

I was watching and toying with buying a Canon FDn 50mm Macro, for no real reason, I just kinda fancied one, preferrably in nice collectable condition. Anyway, as I was watching two, one with a buy it now price of £59.99, complete with FD25 extension tube, boxed instructions and in tip top order, and another up for a regular auction, just the lens and extension tube. Continue reading