Handy Tools….

There are a lot of things in my kit bags that aren’t really related to photography as well as things that are. Some of the things are in different bags, my studio bags include things like bulldog clips & various other clips, self adhesive Velcro patches & double sided sided pads & gaffer tape. Most of my daily use bags contain things like, 12v Power converters to charge USB-C & Lightning devices, there are a variety of tools including a Leatherman & Gerber penknives and headphones (some are bluetooth others are wired). In every bag though are business cards, notepads & pens. In bags that will hold a lap-top then a portable SSD in a caddy and various leads, USB-C to Ethernet, USB-C to HDMI etc & particularly useful at this time of year a torch (I have a variety a couple of LED Mag-Lite and “No Dads”.

There are things that don’t live in my bags, but get added on an “ad-hoc” basis, including an I-Fix-it tool set, spare Manfrotto Tripod plates, Pocket Wizard Radio Remotes, colour checker cards etc.

Who knew?

Hands up, who knew that Elinchrom did cable tidys? Ordered a Manfrotto Friction Arm from one of my preferred suppliers and spotted these on their website. Probably a bit of overkill for synch leads, but perfect for power cables, will be great for my 5 metre cables as well as the standard ones.

Not a new toy

If it has a digital readout it definitely isn’t a toy. Old battery charger power supply went out, I will have a search for a replacement (I have loads knocking about, just a case of finding the right one) in the meantime I ordered replacement, unfortunately I couldn’t find a 16 Bay charger, so an 8 bay will have to do.


One of my PocketWizards has been a little flakey recently, it will work fine on a camera as a receiver and on the Studio heads, but will only randomly trigger if mounted as the transmitter on the hot-shoe. A quick dismantling session (there are only two screws on the body) and a peak inside didn’t show any obvious problems. However after reassembly it was clear that there was some movement in the hot-shoe mount, which as it moved was enough to break the contact with the PCB.

Anyway a small blob of glue is sufficient to stop it moving & now seems 100% reliable, I will order a replacement foot (if they are available) and replace the original, not sure that it will make much difference as I don’t know if the issue is with the foot or the body of the transmitter that is worn. We’ll see.