Calm Down Dear….

big-tomMP Angela Eagle sexism row over David Cameron’s ‘calm down dear’ putdown at PMQs. What the f*ck is going on, some feeble minded left of centre bint claims that “Calm Down Dear” is sexist. Of course it is treacle, don’t trouble your pretty little head over it, it really is not sexist. On the other hand barracking the PM during PMQs is really childish. You see the clue is in the name it is PMQs which means that the Prime Minister answers questions from MPs that have have been nominated.

I think “Calm Down Dear” is really mild, I would have said “Shut the fuck up you daft tart, go back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich”

Enuff Said.


News Of The World Guilty

Police Logo 001So the News Of The World has admitted that they hacked mobile phone messages. I wonder how long before the Police turn their attention to other Red Top newspapers, there are certainly a few that I know have hacked mobile phones. There have even been some that have used tracking devices. Can’t imagine that Murdoch will be too pleased at having to set aside £20,000,000. But if he can afford it how come the News International group bitches over the prices of pictures.

Cost Saving


According to the BBC News website, the Surrey, Hampshire & Sussex Police are to share resources.

A unit which sees Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire Police share two helicopters instead of each flying their own has been officially launched.

The South East Air Support Unit (SEASU) received a single certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority on Friday.

The forces believe they can save up to £8m in five years flying two aircraft, based at RAF Odiham in Hampshire and Shoreham airport in West Sussex.

Looking at the locations, it seems that the only loser will be Surrey Police. Shoreham is too far away for effective for deployment in Surrey. Hampshire is such a large county the one based in Odiham will be over Hampshire constantly.