They were scum!

They were scum 26 years ago, and they are scum today. Times change, but apparently the people of Broadwater Farm it appears do not. Just in case you have missed the news, the good folks of Tottenham (or gangsta wankas) set fire to their own shops, looted from them, burnt down a police station, police cars & a double decker bus. Why? well because one of their “elders” was shot by the rozzers. The fact that he opened fire first means nothing to the low life scum.

What happens now? Well nothing really, the rozzers won’t go and arrest anyone, and if they do, the cunts will just have another riot. What is the solution? Napalm! Round the fuckers up and bomb the bastards.

It is also rather pleasing that it is in Tottenham, seeing as I am a gooner, you couldn’t wish it on a better place.