Guildford City Win

24/04/2021 GCFC v Farnham Town. City’s Isy Nzelo scores

City ran out 2-1 winners against Farnham Town.

Too Many Bags?

SO lock down is coming to an end, hopefully will get back to shooting more football in the coming weeks, if my shoulder ever heals up. I love Pelicases and have several, however for most of the jobs that I do, all they really add is extra weight, in the case of the 1650 an awful lot of it. OK I know it carries a lot of gear, but since tearing the Rotator Cuff I really wanted to reduce the amount of weight I physically lug around with me.

For football, depending upon the level/client that can mean anything from two bodies, 3 lenses and an iPad to 3 bodies, remotes, 6 lenses including a 400mm F2.8, monopod, clamps & minipod, laptop & associated bits a mini max stool. Which when split between a Think Tank Airport Accelerator and a Pelicase 1510, weighs a lot.

So I have decided to try a different route, a Think Tank Glass Limo for the 400mm and one body with monopod & odds & sods and the 1510 with 2 bodies, 8-15mm, 11-24mm, 24-70mm & 70-200mm, two 600RT flashes, meaning that I will have much less weight on my shoulders/back hopefully my chiropractor will thank me.

The trouble is that I probably have too many bags, with a Think Tank Retrospective 5, Lowepro Stealth, Lowpro backpack, Tenba P211, plus the Airport & Glass Limo. However whilst many of them are great bags, they are not ideal for every situation. The Stealth & Retrospective are great for shooting on the move, the Tenba is great for a single body, three lenses, and the backpacks are great load carriers but harder to work with. It’s the same with the Pelicases, the 1510 is great as a footy box, plus you can sit on it at a push, but not great on wet grass or mud, the 1650 is huge and will take most of my kit, which is then impossible to lift.

FA Vase 3rd Round

10/04/2021 GCFC v Walton & Hersham. FA Vase 3rd Round. CityÕs Andre Smith celebrates scoring

Good to be back shooting football after a prolonged delay due to Covid-19. Still no crowds allowed so games currently being played behind closed doors. Although that didn’t stop a signifcant number of away fans from gathering in the Spectrum car park to sneak a view over the fence.

Considering it is a third of the way through April, I couldn’t believe how cold it was, fortunately I had a big coat in the boot of the car as well as a hat, otherwise I’d have been frozen.

City lost on penalties after a feisty game, and now look to the “inter league” Fripp-Smith Trophy which takes place over the next 4-5 weeks.

Kill The Bill Protest

04/04/2021 Kill The Bill Protest in Guildford

The Kill The Bill protest in Guildford passed off peacefully, with no incidents that I saw. To be honest Guildford is not really that sort of place. I expected some tutting & maybe some disdainful looks.