Expensive Month….


The Golf needs a new door lock module, as it is a little temperamental, it will always lock on the key, but on the remote, sometimes it will & sometimes it won’t, so it is booked into the stealership for a replacement, whilst there they will have a look at a small oil leak as well.

I have also ordered a new vinyl backdrop which should hopefully be here tomorrow plus the repair of ┬áthe 16-35mm F2.8L means, plus with the other expenses this month means eating feathers for the next few weeks….


Set Ride height to “comedy”


img_0033Saw this as I was travelling today, I have seen a few old Citroens dragging their arses around, when their suspension systems fail, however seeing this old Xantia riding high on its adjustable suspension. It cannot have been comfortable for the passengers as it appeared that the suspension was transmitting every single little pot hole & cats eye through the cabin. It did make me chuckle though.


_PBA4647Very pleased to hear from Volkswagen UK & my local VW dealership that the warranty work on my Golf has been approved as warranty work, which is as it should be. The car was sold with a 12 Year Anti Corrosion Warranty & the car is not 12 years old.

VW Warranty people at my local dealership  did initially try to say that there was no warranty or goodwill for the work. Well a little twitter campaign has meant that VW UK got involved.

The car has been thoroughly spoilt in its life, it has never wanted for anything, in fact the previous owners lavished love & polish on it including an autoglym lifetime treatment. You only have to look at it to see, the only issue with the car is the rusting front wings, which has been caused by a design fault which was rectified in later cars.

It is booked in for two new wings in August, and later that month the Alloys will be refurbed also.


VW warranty



Project Stealth part II

Project Stealth is officially up and running. The van will be collected this week and I will do some before pictures to show what a shed the T4 is as a Van. The First job is to clear the back and run some speaker and RCA cables before the interior gets put in. I shall also install a Pioneer Sat Nav system, with a couple of extra screens, as well as TV tuners (digital and analogue) Ipod adaptor (which means no need for CD multichangers.

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Project Stealth

Or White Van Man revisited. I have today purchased a VW Transporter. Which I shall over the next few weeks and months be converting into a Stealth Wagon for Surveilance and Doorstepping. It is a White SWB with captains chairs and two rear seats. The interior needs to be sorted, and two side windows will also be installed and fitted with a light mirror tint, so that they act as one way windows.

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