I am finally happy with the iPod installation, the output from the headphone socket was never the optimum way of getting sound from the iPod to  the head unit, so I have converted to running the sound via the iPod connection via a splitter cable that also provides charging also.

I really cannot believe the difference in the sound quality, even with the iPod at full volume it sounded short on bass & even the mid-range & treble was mushy. Now the sound quality is awesome, so if you hear 1980s tracks blaring out of a car, it’s probably me, Sorry.

So now I am happy with the sound I need to wire up a USB power source that will go behind the centre console, however that will require some soldering & running of some additional power supply from behind the dash, that may have to be a job for the weekend as tonight I have to go to a football match.


Set Ride height to “comedy”


img_0033Saw this as I was travelling today, I have seen a few old Citroens dragging their arses around, when their suspension systems fail, however seeing this old Xantia riding high on its adjustable suspension. It cannot have been comfortable for the passengers as it appeared that the suspension was transmitting every single little pot hole & cats eye through the cabin. It did make me chuckle though.

Seen the Light

img_0002aI have always been a bit disappointed that the Golf only has one light in the boot, even upgrading it to LED only increased the obviousness that there wasn’t any light on the left hand side. So I took matters into my own hands & installed a light on the left hand side. Whilst it isn’t rocket science, it was bloody fiddly at times.

To ensure that simply tapping from the existing light wouldn’t throw the system in to meltdown, (some of the lighting is monitored by the CCU and can cause errors if there is an increase or decrease in load on a circuit) I rigged up a small circuit to test the viability before cutting holes & running cables from one side of the boot to the other.

Then I played around with a soldering iron for an hour so so, peeled off panels, cut holes & ran wires, now I am pleased to say “Let There Be Light” on both sides of the boot.

And if you see me broken down at the side of the road during the next few days, you’ll know something went wrong.

I won’t be doing that again

img_3303I won’t be doing that again, mainly because it is done now & won’t need doing again… I removed most of the dash & all of the centre console in the Golf to wire up some additional USB charging ports, as well as installing an armrest complete with heater ducting & vents as well as the upgraded cup holder. Next week will be mostly spent soldering in new USB terminals & installing some additional lighting in  the boot. For the more observant of you, yes I know the new gear lever gaiter has red stitching, the handbrake will also have red stitching in a few days.


How Have I Managed?

24/09/2016. VW Golf Transboard

24/09/2016. VW Golf Transboard

Storage of odds & sods has been a pain in the arse for ages, in the Jeep I had a plastic tub full of crap that I had to have with me, but in the Golf when the boot is loaded with the studio gear there isn’t enough space.  Anyway, I discovered one of VWs best kept secrets the other day, essentially it s a parcel shelf that fits under the parcel shelf. VW have discontinued the item, and it is no longer available from them, however, someone has remanufactured them in China and they are available in the UK. I ordered mine & it arrived within 4 days. Now there is no excuse for a messy boot, I still have one, just no excuse for it.

It currently holds a first aid kit, compressor, warning triangle,  car charger for the EOS1d batteries, Quantum car charger, AA Battery car charger, a couple of ball heads & clamps, velcro cable ties & some waterproof over-trousers.

Bloody Hell

IMG_0020Fancied replacing my car keys as they are heavily worn, so I asked a dealership for a quote….. when I got back to my feet, I asked if they were sure, when I next came round, I decided that £150 for a new key fob was taking the piss. So I ordered a replacement without the electrics/transponder & key blade for about a fiver, some superglue de-bonder and in about 30 minutes had saved my self £140.


IMG_2816-EditCar was booked in for new rear disks & pads today to get it through its MOT, turns out it also needed new rear callipers as well as the pistons had seized, they still worked, but could not be pushed back into the callipers to receive the new pads. So an additional expense, but at least that is it for another year.

Big thank you to AA Autos of Godalming who did the MOT, good bunch of hard working lads that give great customer service, turned up for the Free Re-Test without notice, straight in & out again complete with new MOT.

Next up a get the wheels refurbished so that they match the shiny metal bits & the shiny paint.