Two days in a field…

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29/08/2016. Beaconsfield Country Fare. Adults Stretcher Bearers racing to the first pub

Followed by a day in the shires. Three very provincial jobs in the diary for yesterday, including rubber duck racing & a country fare & a church fete. Local newspaper work hasn’t really changed much in the last 30 years, the usual fodder of local news for local people.

Wings & Wheels Day 2

28/08/2016.Wings & Wheels, Dunsfold. The Red Arrows

28/08/2016.Wings & Wheels, Dunsfold. The Red Arrows Synchro Pair

Today was mainly about the Red Arrows as they were unable to get out of Brize Norton yesterday due to thunder storms. Due to a low cloud base & the proximity of Gatwick Airport, they could only do their “flat” display.

Wings & Wheels Day One

27/08/2016.Wings & Wheels, Dunsfold RAF Typhoon

27/08/2016.Wings & Wheels, Dunsfold RAF Typhoon

Muggy, humid, hot, sweaty, damp, moist, just some of the words that could describe how my day has been. Noisy, smokey, fast, agile are several other words that could describe what I have been photographing, and the best thing is there is another day to go.


FA Cup


23/08/2016 Chessington & Hook United v Guildford City. City’s Perry Coles scores City’s second.

Guildford City made it through their replayed FA Cup match last night, by the “skin of their teeth”, truth be known, in a replay that should never have been, after City had be profligate with their chances in the initial game at the Spectrum. It looked like City may do the same again. However,  City managed a 2-1 win away to Chessington & Hook to see themselves through to the next round against Bognor Regis Town on the 3rd September, which co-incedentally will probably be the next game that I make it to, as I shall be covering Wings & Wheels next Saturday & Sunday and covering the Buckinghamshire patch on Bank Holiday Monday.


_PBB4386Seeing as I am trying to reduce the amount of kit that I haul around on jobs, I decided that one way to do that was not to carry a laptop, but to downsize to an iPad. This works well on some jobs, but others need the versatility of laptop.  But for  those that don’t need it, I purchased a ThinkTank App House 10. most of the time this lives carabinered to my Think Tank Airport, but on some occasions it get strapped to my belt.

This makes it great for those walk about all day jobs, with two bodies, a 17-40 on one & a 35-350 on the other.

A week later..

_PBB4360Having spent the last week tooling around in a VW Sharan whilst the front wings on the Golf were replaced under warranty I have finally been able to collect my car from the dealership & I have to say that they have done a pretty good job too, including a full valet which was unexpected.

So thank you Lookers Volkswagen & Volkswagen for the work done, all I need to do now is get the alloy wheels refurbished to bring them up to the standard of the rest of the car.

FA Cup Action

GCFC v CHUFC FA Cup 0266

20/08/2016. Guildford City FC v Chessington & Hook United. Matt Glass beats the keeper but can’t beat the defender on the line. Gotta love a keeper with a face full of turf! :0

Guildford City faced Chessington & Hook United in the FA today, a last gasp equaliser in the 93rd or 94th minute prevented City celebrating a trip to the sea-side. Replay on Tuesday night. In other news, I haven’t been able to collect my car yet due to the dealership wanting to give the car a complete clean inside & out, despite the fact that I cleaned it thoroughly before handing it to them, I can only hope that it will come back better than new on Monday.


Expensive Month….


The Golf needs a new door lock module, as it is a little temperamental, it will always lock on the key, but on the remote, sometimes it will & sometimes it won’t, so it is booked into the stealership for a replacement, whilst there they will have a look at a small oil leak as well.

I have also ordered a new vinyl backdrop which should hopefully be here tomorrow plus the repair of  the 16-35mm F2.8L means, plus with the other expenses this month means eating feathers for the next few weeks….

Got Back From Footy

IMG_2752I got back from the Guildford City Extra Preliminary FA Cup game to find, much to my surprise a parcel, that I wasn’t expecting for days. My “old skool” iPod 80Gb 5th Gen died only a few days ago, and I thought I’d have a look on ebay for a replacement, I eventually purchased an absolutely mint iPod Classic 80Gb, for the not unreasonable price of £125 including shipping & a leather case.

The seller must have got it into the post on Friday, as I only paid for it on Thursday evening. Anyway 14 hours after I received it, it is loaded with 13,000 tracks & ready to install in the Brodit Clip Mount in the car.

Also in the same post a Think Tank App House 10 for my iPad Air, which will make life a little easier when travelling light.


FA Cup Win

06/08/2016. Mile Oak v GCFC FA Cup Preliminary Round

06/08/2016. Mile Oak v GCFC FA Cup Preliminary Round

Guildford City won their first game of the season, an away game to Mile Oak in Portslade, near Brighton today by three goals to nil, hopefully not the best performance that we will see this season, but on a hot day in August a win is a win, and although the scoreline makes it look comfortable, for a large part of the game it was a close run thing.