Bloody Cold at AFC Wimbledon

16/01/2016. AFC Wimbledon v Mansfield. Wimbledon's Adebayo AZEEZ scores

16/01/2016. AFC Wimbledon v Mansfield. Wimbledon’s Adebayo AZEEZ scores

Bloody Hell that was cold..I know, it always seems that I am moaning about something, & you probably are correct, I should “grow a pair” “man up” & “quit bitching” unfortunately it seems to be an inbuilt part of my nature to bitch about the weather.

Anyway yesterday saw me at AFC Wimbledon v Mansfield. Did I mention that it was cold? I even bumped into a brass monkey looking for a welder, Anyway the Dons eventually pulled their finger out after going 0 – 1 down, to finally win 3 – 1.

Miserable Weather @BrentfordFC

09/01/2015 Brentford FC v Walsall FC FA Cup 3rd Round

09/01/2016 Brentford FC v Walsall FC FA Cup 3rd Round. Brentford’s Sergi CANOS shoots

Miserable Bloody Weather…second weekend without a Guildford City Game (both occasions were due to be away against Hanworth Villa (don’t ask). As a stoke of luck I had a diary job to cover the FA 3rd Round match between Brentford & Walsall which turned out to be  disappointing for the home team (losing the game, not the fact that I was there). I always enjoy my visits to Griffin Park, today was no exception, except the result, but the Walsall Fans were good value for money, they didn’t stop singing for the whole 90 minutes.

Brentford tried their best to ensure that I didn’t make it, having moved the Press Room in the close season, but they’ll have to get up earlier in the morning to fool me for long. I did eventually find it 🙂

Anyway I look forward to visiting again soon..