Bloody Cold at AFC Wimbledon

16/01/2016. AFC Wimbledon v Mansfield. Wimbledon's Adebayo AZEEZ scores

16/01/2016. AFC Wimbledon v Mansfield. Wimbledon’s Adebayo AZEEZ scores

Bloody Hell that was cold..I know, it always seems that I am moaning about something, & you probably are correct, I should “grow a pair” “man up” & “quit bitching” unfortunately it seems to be an inbuilt part of my nature to bitch about the weather.

Anyway yesterday saw me at AFC Wimbledon v Mansfield. Did I mention that it was cold? I even bumped into a brass monkey looking for a welder, Anyway the Dons eventually pulled their finger out after going 0 – 1 down, to finally win 3 – 1.