Back To Basics (revised and updated)

How Not To Do It

How Not To Do It

I have lost count how many times I have seen idiots holding cameras like this

Good technique, for any photographer is important, but for a press photographer it is paramount, and it should be drilled and rehearsed until it is second nature, whether it is practicing panning with cars for doing car shots through the window, or rehearsing quick lens changes or swapping one camera body for another, it makes sense to be entirely comfortable with what you are doing. The principle advantage is that if you know what you can know, then you can plan for the things that you don’t know, and things that are known unknowns and the things that unknown unknowns, Oi Rumsfeld move along please nothing to see here.
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Porsche Challenge Red Ken

The manufacturer of the ugliest 4×4 ever built is planning on challenging Red Ken Livingston, the Twat of London, sorry the Twat Lord Mayor of London. Ken, the car-hating lunatic, is planning that the more polluting cars should pay £25 per day to enter the congestion charge zone.
Which once again undermines the continuously stated position that the Congestion Charge was not a Green Tax. Ken has constantly claimed that the CC was to reduce congestion, he also admitted recently that the CC expansion zone had only caused a 4% drop in the volume of traffic. This says two things about the Twat, one that he is a lying arsehole, two, that his plans are completely useless, misguided and ineffective.
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Toll Tax, Say No!

Having signed up to the stop the planned road charging campaign mentioned in an earlier post, I, like approximately 1.7 million others received an email purporting to be from his royal Tonyness. As is typical with the Labour Party, it amounts to a load of old bollox.

It is also probably one of the larger spam campaigns ever launched by Civic Leader. I certainly didn’t want to receive several pages, of his brand of bull in my inbox.

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Need any proof Livingston’s a Twat?

More proof that Ken Livingston is a lying twat . . .

Yesterday Ken Livingston announced that the reduction in the volume of traffic across the congestion charge zone would be about 4%. In my opinion that is not a reduction, that is a waste of time, money and effort. FOUR PER CENT!!.

So the spending of millions of pounds of Londoners money on setting up the Congestion charge scheme, which a huge majority of residents said they didn’t want, which a massive majority of visitors to London didn’t want and the only businesses that did want it were car dealerships that sell electric or hybrid cars.
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