Update on Lens Hood.

Locking Tab for 400mm Lens Hood

So… having found the locking tab for the lens hood, which in it’s bid for freedom only made it as far as the boot of my car, and not the gravel car park that I was in when it went AWOL, I thought I had better fix it. Before that I should just say that the reason I didn’t look in the boot initially is just that I am never that lucky, if something goes missing, it is never where you’d expect it. Today was a case in point, I dropped a 2mm E-clip, seeing as it was dropped on carpet, weighs F*** All, you’d expect it to be fairly close by, but no, searching with a magnet (always handy for these sorts of things) it had managed to travel 6 feet from where it fell.

Anyhoo, I wasn’t sure what size E-Clip was going to be required so I ordered a selection box from Amazon, with sizes from 1.5mm through to 10mm, as it turns out I was the 2mm one that I needed. I have never really given it much thought about how small a 2mm E-clip was actually going to be, well you don’t, do you?

That’s how small.

So have assembled the bits required and tried a test run with a spare locking assembly, all went to plan, albeit bloody fiddly. So on to the actual assembly, as the Wedge & the Lock have be joined through the lens hood, it was a bloody nightmare. Holding together the Wedge, the Lock & the actual Hood whilst attempting to fit the E-Clip through a hole, onto a post, with a pair of tweezers. (This because of the last failure of the assembly, stripping of the screw threads required the application of some adhesive to screw threads)

Test Fitting

So with the help of a magnet, and plastic bag (to catch the E-Clip if it tried to escape) a pair of iFixit tweezers a pair needle nose pliers and a small flat bladed screw driver, it is now Fixxored! The next job is to see if I can get someone to either machine or cast another wedge (maybe a few as I am sure there are others out there that could use a replacement) so that I have a full replacement for the part should the need arise. If you are needing a replacement, the official Canon part number is CY1-4292 which I also believe to be the same part for the EF300mm F2.8L IS, the EF400mm F2.8L IS, 500mm F4.0l IS & the EF600mm F4L IS, then get in touch as I maybe able to help.

Lock assembly, wedge & E-clip all installed

Bugger It….

Lens Hood Lock

Last weekend the Lens Hood lock on the 400mm decided to part company with the hood itself. Not a major problem, usually, except that it threw the circlip that holds the wedge (the black bit) in place & the wedge went walkabouts, So I get online to find a replacement, except that Canon don’t supply them anymore, despite the fact it is a common part across a number of lenses. So the search begins, after finding a number of ludicrous prices for the part, the most was some £600, although that did also include one of the screws, individually priced at £450.00!!!!!!!!!. A replacement complete lens hood is £700! Anyway frustrated by the prices I went and hunted in the boot of the car, on the off-chance that when it went ping it fell in there, rather than in the gravel carpark I believed it to gone.

So having found the wedge all I need now is a 2mm Circlip, so I have ordered a box of various sized clips (also known as E-Clips) which should be here tomorrow. I will also order a third party replacement hood from the USA, that will also work with the later version that I will be upgrading to later in the year.

FA Cup Action

20/08/2021 Walton & Hersham v GCFC. City’s Jordan Adeyemi

Friday night visit to the home of Walton & Hersham FC. Whilst a great facility, lighting is really poor for such a new venue. City lost 2-0 which was disappointing, but f*ck me the standard of officiating was diabolical.


Took some of the studio kit on-site yesterday for some head & shoulder photographs, mostly they will be used as cut-outs for social media purposes, so a lit white backdrop was required. Kit used includes, Three Elinchrom D-Lite 4RX heads, two brollies, a background reflector and an Interfit portable background.

@guildfordcity win in Croydon

14/08/2021 AFC Croydon v GCFC.

Guildford City continue their unbeaten run in league & cup games with a 4-2 victory over AFC Croydon Athletic. Could have scored an awful lot more, but a win’s a win. Onwards to FA Cup match next.

F*cked Canon 400mm

Lens mount really shouldn’t look like that.

After an accident with my Canon 400mm F2.8 L IS USM a couple of weeks ago, the lens mount needed replacing. Seeing as Canon won’t touch it, nor most of the repairers I have contacted, I decided that if I could find a lens mount I would do it myself. Now Canon haven’t supplied service parts for this lens for a while, and if they did they wouldn’t supply them to an unauthorised repairer like me.

Fortunately for me Google turned up a saviour in https://www.eurohitech.com. I ordered the part with not a little nervousness, a) because it was £180 and b) I had never dealt with them before. Anyway two weeks later I am holding the replacement part in my grubby little hands, Thanks Sushil.

New lens mount is here!

So time to crack on, it is a really simple job, just a little fiddly. PH000 & PH00 & PH0 screw drivers, and a plastic tray with a magnetic screw holder and a small plastic pry-bar (spudger) is all that you need. Firstly it may be a good idea it mark the correct orientation of the mount, I used a black marker pen and marked the position of the lens lock receiver, on the body of the lens, next thing is to remove the baffle, which on this lens is held with 3 small screws (a lot of the budget lenses they just lever out), then three more screws to disconnect the electrical contacts. Undo the 4 main screws and away the mount comes, complete with rubber weatherseal.

Lens mount removed.

The reinstallation is simply the reverse procedure.

New lens mount in place & ready for testing


***UPDATE: All tested and working perfectly, so will be used for shooting football tomorrow & Sunday, Yay!***

First @guildfordcity League Game

10/08/2021 Farnham Town FC v GCFC

The first league game of the season was away to Farnham Town. A 0-0 draw, but anything than a bore-draw. Guildford hit the woodwork twice, the home keeper kept them in the game for the first 60 minutes & the City keeper returned the compliment in the last 30. Not sure if it is in the genes of footballers at this level, but every decision, even blatant ones were questioned by Farnham players, their player leaps highest & clearly heads the ball, they claim their throw/corner, their player kicks the ball out of play, their throw in. It is getting to the stage were we need [like in cricket] penalties for over appealing. I am not sure if it is attempts to cheat or if the players are actually stupid. I mean a left back and a goalkeeper, disputing an off-side call from the other end of the pitch! WTF! Pleased to say that I have seen very little of this from the City players over the last few years, long may it continue.

FA Cup win for @Guildfordcity

07/08/2021 Eastbourne Town FC v GCFC FA Cup Preliminary Round City’s Max Oldham scores

A nice little run out to the seaside for GCFC resulted in a 4-2 victory over a very good Eastbourne Town side. Having damaged my Canon 400mm F2.8 so that it is likely beyond economical repair (Canon won’t touch it as they no longer provide service parts) I will have to source a replacement, I was limited to shooting with the 70-200mm, fortunately there was lots of action in the final third of the pitch.

So @Guildfordwomen…

01/08/2021 Denham United Ladies v GC Women

So today saw the newly formed Guildford City Women’s team play their first formal pre-season game against an established team and draw 3-3. It has to be said it was played in a meadow, the only thing missing was sheep, at least they’d have kept the grass down to a manageable level.

Anyway a good test for the team. I have shot senior level football for over 20 years, but my experience with women’s football is limited, but it is harder to shoot than mens football for a number of reasons, but it is refreshing, because everyone has a smile on their face, there is no kicking someone upside down, just because. In fact there is a lot to be said for the men’s game taking a leaf out of the women’s game.