Seeing as nearly every other pro photographer I meet on a job is using Think Tank camera bags, I have decided that I should make mine clearly identifiable, probably don’t need to with the Airport Accelerator as it is probably the oldest one still being used. All the other equipment is tagged with fluorescent tape so that it can be easily recognised when behind a goal mouth or dumped in the press room. Most of us have done something similar either a brightly coloured luggage label (airline ones seem popular) or distinctive bungee straps. Not designed to prevent theft (as that very rarely occurs between working professionals) simply so that I pick up the right bag when leaving the ground.

Fully Vaccinated

Got my second Covid Jab today, so hopefully in a week or so the vaccination will be in full effect. I haven’t felt the need to install any Microsoft software products on my Mac yet, but I assume that Bill Gates will be messaging me soon. I treated myself to a packet of peanuts for being such a brave little soldier and because they didn’t give me a lolly or a sticker at the Vaccination Centre. I have also drawn up a list of bits that I need to build a couple of bird boxes out of some left over 4″ pipe that I have. What an exciting life I lead…..


After some issues in the week with a 2x Extender that hadn’t been calibrated with the 400mm I fired up the Reikan FoCal software. Which has been updated since I last used it, so downloaded the latest release and printed a fresh target. Some 3 hours later with the laptop battery nearly dead, after 6 reboots, numerous software re-starts I was no closer to actually calibrating anything. If anything I was in a worse position than when I started as I was unable to calibrate the 400mm with the 2x or the 1.4x I decided to attempt to do just the lens on its own. BIG MISTAKE. It had then threw out my original calibration & unfortunately I hadn’t noted the original calibration details.

So fast forward to Sunday and another attempt, this time just the 400mm on its own. Now the lens & three different camera bodies are properly calibrated, hopefully I will get time tomorrow to do the 1.4x & the 2x extenders as well.

The software is quite intuitive when it works certainly a damned sight easier than doing it manually. I looked at the Canon instructions for calibration and it isn’t for the faint hearted.

Now it is properly pin, not bad for an old EF 400mm F2.8 L IS mkI.