Chinese Imports


The power supply on my Old Apple Cinema 30 monitor went bang a couple of weeks ago & you can’t buy them from Apple anymore so it was either take a chance on ebay for a Power supply that is as old or possibly older than the one that has failed, or look further afield.

Today, my new PSU from China arrived & it is completely indistinguishable from the original supply, except for the tape hiding the Apple logo, plugged in & switched on & all is right with the world, except for the snow, outside, not settling.

It had to happen..

CF Cards

It had to happen eventually, last week I had my first ever SanDisk CF failure, first time in nearly 20 years since I moved from Lexar cards. The card was shipped ¬†faulty, it formatted fine the first time, but couldn’t be written to in camera & wouldn’t mount on the desk top in a card reader, however myMemory turned around a replacement in pretty short order.

Murder on the slow train

horsley murder 0013

Police cordon was in place this afternoon at Horsley, a couple of train stops from Guildford. No one has been arrested yet, and there is a search on going in the Clandon area.