Update on Lens Hood.

Locking Tab for 400mm Lens Hood

So… having found the locking tab for the lens hood, which in it’s bid for freedom only made it as far as the boot of my car, and not the gravel car park that I was in when it went AWOL, I thought I had better fix it. Before that I should just say that the reason I didn’t look in the boot initially is just that I am never that lucky, if something goes missing, it is never where you’d expect it. Today was a case in point, I dropped a 2mm E-clip, seeing as it was dropped on carpet, weighs F*** All, you’d expect it to be fairly close by, but no, searching with a magnet (always handy for these sorts of things) it had managed to travel 6 feet from where it fell.

Anyhoo, I wasn’t sure what size E-Clip was going to be required so I ordered a selection box from Amazon, with sizes from 1.5mm through to 10mm, as it turns out I was the 2mm one that I needed. I have never really given it much thought about how small a 2mm E-clip was actually going to be, well you don’t, do you?

That’s how small.

So have assembled the bits required and tried a test run with a spare locking assembly, all went to plan, albeit bloody fiddly. So on to the actual assembly, as the Wedge & the Lock have be joined through the lens hood, it was a bloody nightmare. Holding together the Wedge, the Lock & the actual Hood whilst attempting to fit the E-Clip through a hole, onto a post, with a pair of tweezers. (This because of the last failure of the assembly, stripping of the screw threads required the application of some adhesive to screw threads)

Test Fitting

So with the help of a magnet, and plastic bag (to catch the E-Clip if it tried to escape) a pair of iFixit tweezers a pair needle nose pliers and a small flat bladed screw driver, it is now Fixxored! The next job is to see if I can get someone to either machine or cast another wedge (maybe a few as I am sure there are others out there that could use a replacement) so that I have a full replacement for the part should the need arise. If you are needing a replacement, the official Canon part number is CY1-4292 which I also believe to be the same part for the EF300mm F2.8L IS, the EF400mm F2.8L IS, 500mm F4.0l IS & the EF600mm F4L IS, then get in touch as I maybe able to help.

Lock assembly, wedge & E-clip all installed

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