Hugo Boss


I like Hugo Boss gear, have done for many years, their polos seem to last forever, despite near daily abuse. I am throwing some out that are over 10 years old & the only reason for most of them being disposed of, is that they appear to have shrunk, they are a little tighter round the middle than they used to be.

Anyway the original point was to be that whenever anyone comments it is always “You do know that they made the SS Uniforms, DON’T YOU?”  At which point I am usually floundering for a response.  A great many companies cosied up to Hitler & The Nazi Party, especially German ones, but also a few  British & American ones.




I am finally happy with the iPod installation, the output from the headphone socket was never the optimum way of getting sound from the iPod to  the head unit, so I have converted to running the sound via the iPod connection via a splitter cable that also provides charging also.

I really cannot believe the difference in the sound quality, even with the iPod at full volume it sounded short on bass & even the mid-range & treble was mushy. Now the sound quality is awesome, so if you hear 1980s tracks blaring out of a car, it’s probably me, Sorry.

So now I am happy with the sound I need to wire up a USB power source that will go behind the centre console, however that will require some soldering & running of some additional power supply from behind the dash, that may have to be a job for the weekend as tonight I have to go to a football match.

A Sad Day

As I have posted before, my mother was diagnosed with Cancer a little over a year ago. She gave up the fight on Thursday at 1030hrs, and will be buried at the Shamley Green Natural Burial Ground in the near future.

I have poked fun at Jade Goody and her death from Cancer, my mother had the dignity to die at home, and without feeling the need to hawk her private life to the highest bidder, I still maintain Jade Goody was a Chavy talentless bint that the world will not miss. My Mum was never a celebrity, but she was an intelligent, articulate, funny woman, who died with dignity, and fortunately without pain.