Bloody Hell….

29/11/2016. Chelsea U21 v Feyenoord Academy. Premier League International Cup

29/11/2016. Chelsea U21 v Feyenoord Academy. Premier League International Cup. One minutes silence for the Chapecoense airplane crash.

That was freakin’ cold. Covered the Chelsea U21 game v Feyenoord last night at the EBB stadium in Aldershot. Have to say that Chelsea were crap for the first 80 minutes, I don’t think that they actually had a shot on target for the first half, & most of the second half, then just as my fingers had got so cold I couldn’t feel the back button on the camera they scored twice in about 90 seconds.

29/11/2016. Chelsea U21 v Feyenoord Academy. Premier League International Cup

29/11/2016. Chelsea U21 v Feyenoord Academy. Premier League International Cup. Chelsea score.

Hartley v GCFC

26/11/2016. Hartley Wintney v Guildford City.

City visited runaway league leaders on Saturday & put on a spirited display against them. City matched them right across the pitch, both in intensity & physicality. Losing 1-0 was a bit of a disappointment, but in the light of recent games a pretty good performance against the champions-elect. However it would have been nice to repeat our performance of last season when we thrashed them 5-0.

City Win & a busy Weekend


A few jobs over the weekend, which due to traffic issues, ended up including the second half of the Guildford City win over CB Hounslow as well as a the first half of Guildford Rugby a vegan festival opened by Peter Egan, who arrived 1 1/2 hours late and the switching on of some christmas lights.

Still trying to get my head around the AF functionality of the 1Dx, but I think I have finally got the solution that will work for me. Time will tell. All I want it to do is focus on the centre point (and only what it is pointed at, whereas most of the modes want to use nearest AF points or expanded AF points) which always end up choosing to follow something other than what I want in focus.

City Lose

15/11/2016. Horley Town v Guildford City

Away to Horley Town, City, despite scoring in the opening minute lost, however it was no where near as one sided as the scoreline suggested. The Horley keeper made several brilliant saves to deny City getting on the score sheet again.

Enjoyed that…


12/11/2016. Godalming Town FC v Sittingbourne. Godalming Town’s Chris Wales equalises.

First time out with the  EOS 1Dx quite enjoyed it, it does look like I have a learning curve with how the camera works differently from my mkIV’s including the fact that the AF point doesn’t  illuminate & stay illuminated, which is strange. I also seem to have a slight back-focus issue, which I will need to take a look at over the next couple of days.

Guildford City Photo


A photo that I’d hesitate to say went viral, but was certainly retweeted & liked quite a bit was featured in the Non-League paper at the weekend, & is rumoured to appear in the Non-League calendar for 2017. It also appeared on their  website Here.

Hopefully it has raised some awareness that Guildford has a football team…

Upgrade Time

08/11/2016. Camberley Town v Guildford City. Krooner Park

After visiting some non league grounds with the worse lighting ever in the last year or so, I have decided that the Canon EOS1d mkIV is probably past it, the noise is horrendous when you need to shoot at 6400ISO or above, so I have upgraded, I was fortunate to find a deal that I couldn’t refuse, so the mkIVs will be semi retired, probably to behind the goal duty.

Having moved to full frame is going to be a little strange after working with cropped camera bodies since the late 1990s. When I first transitioned across to digital with the DCS3 ( A horrible 1.3 megapixel DSLR with all the draw backs of shooting film & none of the big benefits of digital) the number of times I had to take a couple of steps backwards to fill the viewfinder was embarrassing. The trouble is I can see myself setting up group photos now lifting the camera to my eye, and having to take several steps forward. D’Oh!

Initial impressions are very positive, especially as I have now tweaked the settings to work “my way” all I need now is a CF-SD adaptor that will allow me to use my eye-fi mobi-pro card to work in one of  the slots, & I will be a very happy bunny.



_pbb1408aGuildford City had a good win against one of their bogey teams tonight, away to Camberley Town, they scored right at the end of the first half, and battled out a tense second half to win 0-1.

Photos taken under probably the worst pitch lighting that I have come across, especially as they seem to have one tower (out of 6) not working, so 6400 ISO 1/500sec at F/2.8, bloody horrible.




November 2014 Cleeve School Fireworks Display

Seeing as I will be shooting some fireworks tomorrow, here a couple that I did earlier, one last year from The Mount, overlooking Guildford & the other from the Cleeve School Fireworks display in Weybridge.

05/11/2015.  Guildford Fireworks, shot from the mount

November 2015. Guildford Fireworks Display, From the Mount

Well that was unexpected…

22/10/2016. Guildford City v North Greenford United

22/10/2016. Guildford City v North Greenford United. Guildford City Celebrate scoring and Substituted (due to pulled hamstring) Captain Darryl SIAW joins the celebrations from the dressing room.

A photograph taken during one of Guildford City FCs games last week seems to gone a bit wild.  The Guildford City Captain, Darryl Siaw was substituted having pulled a hamstring during the game & had an early shower after the team came out for the second half of the match, however in the opening minutes City scored, so Darryl legged it from the shower to join in the celebrations, however, he seem to have forgotten to grab a towel.

Anyway the photograph has been tweeted & re-tweeted so often I have lost count.  But there are a few noticeable landings including


Who Ate All The Pies





I will update this post if I see it anywhere else. UDATED 1/11/2016

22/10/2016. Guildford City v North Greenford United

22/10/2016. Guildford City v North Greenford United. Darryl SIAW receives his MOM award sponsored by Sainsbury’s Worplesdon Rd