Sounds of the 20th Century

big-tomI was sitting in the club tonight listening to the sounds of the 20th Century, which was covering the year 1984, I was 19 at the time and at college studying for DATEC Diploma in professional photography, and on the day that Evonne Fletcher was shot (17 April 1984) St James Square, London I was on my way to meet Frank Hart at the News Of The World. As student without much money, relying on public transport, and then a taxi, I was severely put out, as my taxi didn’t move for the best part of 20 minutes. I had to bail out, and walked in the direction of the hold up. AS I wasn’t a Press Card holder at the time I wasn’t able to get close to the scene of the event. I did eventually make my interview (a couple of hours late) but when I returned home later I realised the enormity of the event, and felt guilty about the fact that gI was pissed off with being late, whilst someone else had lost their life.