Ride London

31/07/2016. Prudential Ride London. Photographs from The Mall

31/07/2016. Prudential Ride London. Photographs from Horseguards, Chris Froome leads out the Classique

Bloody Hell, what a long one, as my missus used to say (usually about the length of time I kept her waiting) left home a 0400hrs this morning to photograph Ride London, brief was photos of the racing & crowds from The Mall & Horseguards.

Final Pre Season Game

Epsom Athletic v GCFC 0155

30/07/2016 Epsom Athletic v GCFC. City score

City’s last pre season game today was, in the end, a comfortable 4-0 win against Epsom Athletic. The season proper starts next weekend with an FA Cup game.  However, more importantly I need to hit the hay, as I have a 0400hrs start in the morning.

Epsom Athletic v GCFC 0403

30/07/2016 Epsom Athletic v GCFC. City score

Epsom Athletic v GCFC 0630

30/07/2016 Epsom Athletic v GCFC. City score

Pre-Season Football

GCFC v Broadbridge Heath 0568

23/07/2016. Guildford City v Broad Bridge Heath FC. City score their opening goal.

I know that in January I will be complaining that it is too cold, but boy it was warm today, Guildford City played another of their pre-season friendly matches, this time against Broadbridge Heath, who play their football in Southern Combined Counties Premier League (at the same level as City). A good test for City, Broadbridge proved tough opposition, and indeed took the lead, City did bounce back to win.  Playing 90 minutes in this heat is tough, but there is no doubting the fitness levels of the team.

GCFC v Broadbridge Heath 0617

23/07/2016. Guildford City v Broad Bridge Heath FC. Guildford score their winner.

Ok I tossed a coin


16/07/2016. Farnborough International Airshow. Boeing 727-200 Oil Spill Response Aircraft

And unfortunately you lost & here is the blog post about yesterday at the Farnborough International Airshow. Now this post comes before the post that is before it, so if you like I shall take you on a journey back in time. Saturday at Farnborough, don’t talk to me about Saturday at Farnborough, first up, I got there early & there were still 2000 cars in front of me. I got to the media centre to discover it wasn’t the media centre anymore but a creche or something similar other than the radio team, I don’t think there was any other media in the house.

And another thing (apparently you shouldn’t start a sentence with “And”, unless it is followed by “another thing” which it is, and it is my blog, so my rules) whereas on the previous day (Friday) there was loads of free tea & coffee etc, £4.00 sandwiches & pastries etc. today (Saturday just in case you had forgotten) nothing, & because it had become a creche you couldn’t leave £15,000+ worth of kit sitting un attended to yomp halfway around the airfield to get a cuppa & some scran.

Anyway (probably shouldn’t start a sentence with that either) but I have now and can’t be arsed to go back & change it, here are some of my fav pics from Friday fuck it, Saturday. Enjoy or don’t your choice.

I am a Geek

17/07/2016. Farnborough International Airshow. Twister Display Team

17/07/2016. Farnborough International Airshow. Twister Display Team

Apparently I am now a geek, I am used to being called a paparazzi, and worse whenever I am working but as I now have done 3 Airshows & have fourth one in the diary I am now officially a geek.  Actually that’s not strictly true, when it comes to planes I know sweet FA about them, I may know a few names of planes, I might if really pushed know a couple of model numbers, but not both at the same time.

Anyway three days covering the Farborough Internation Airshow was enough for me, I am now very sunburnt, very red. How did that happen, this morning was wall to wall cloud, then it rained, so there was only a couple of hours of sunshine (OK I also started to colour up yesterday). Well the main thing is all the pictures have been wired to the client, & tweeted relentlessly on Twitter, here are a couple of my favourites from today, I may do a few from yesterday & friday at some point.


What a great place to live!

IMG_0042I love the UK for a number of reasons,  its petulant shop assistants, its  feral kids, and the fact that Sigma UK are great, but mainly because of the landscape.

I put my beloved Sigma 120-300mm F2.8 Sport in for a service, and because of a problem it needs to be shipped back to Japan, but the main man at Sigma has authorised a brand new replacement for me, whoop whoop. It is desperately needed as I was going to have to un-retire an old 35-350mm Canon to replace it to shoot the Farnborough Airshow this week.



Turbulent few days…

15/02/2003 -Anti War Demonstration

15/02/2003 -Anti War Demonstration

Chillcott Report, Brexit, Remain, Conservative Implosion, Labour Explosion, all I am looking forward to now is Tony Bliar being led in Handcuffs off to the Hague for War Crime Trials. There were highlights, no I mean lowlights…

Tony Bliar in an emotional speech said “I keep asking myself” about going to war, and all I could think was stop asking yourself & ask someone that is intelligent enough to know that there is no such thing as a god.

David Cameron singing a little ditty as he announced leaving No 10.

Corbyn voting for himself at the Labour NEC.

But most important of all is that Larry the Cat, won’t have to move house.