Bob Crow Karaokes as Unions Plot Strikes

From Paul Burgman: Bob Crow pictured on Sunday Night singing Fly Me To The Moon, during a Christmas Party for Union Members, held at the Guildford City Club. Paul Burgman 075 88 66 9580

Bob was attending the local branch of the union’s Christmas Bash held in Guildford. Singing “Fly Me To The Moon”, The Sun ran the story, but as with many newspapers made up quotes both un-attributed and ones attributed to Bob Crow including:

“And of his karaoke, he added: “If Vince Cable can do Strictly Come Dancing, in the interests of political balance, it’s only right that I get to do X Factor.””

“A rail user who saw him sing the Frank Sinatra hit said: “Fly Me To The Moon? If only. If Crow had his way, there’d be a strike and the rocket wouldn’t take off.

“And as for the Moon – most of us can’t get around Britain, thanks to him.”

You couldn’t make it up, Ohh actually they did. Click Here For The Sun