SSD in 6th Gen iPod Classic


The hard disk in my iPod Classic had started to die, intermittent clicks & strange behaviour ¬†and freezes each time it tried to read from a bad sector, so it seemed the right time to replace the disk with a Solid State Drive. So out went the “Corbyned” (excuse the language) 80GB spinning platter & in went a new 128GB SSD replacement.


Pleased to say that despite Apple’s best efforts to make it impossible¬†to open the iPod without damaging the case, I eventually succeeded & after a couple of trial fits reassembled the iPod & reconnected it to iTunes and did a restore.

I am now the owner of a 128GB iPod Classic which, as I listen to it in the car will be slightly less vulnerable to all of the pot holes in Surrey’s roads.


The drive that I purchased, just in case anyone wants to try it themselves is the Zheino 128GB 1.8″ ZIF drive.


The End of The Paparazzi?

0anti-paprazzi-clutch-bagI have recevied emails and posts about a device designed to stop photographers being able to take photographs with flash that could be used by celebs in their handbags. And each time I have seen it refered to I have said that it is a lot of bollox. The idea stems around a flash and a slave being mounted in the Handbag.

Most photography studio strobe lights are what they call “slaved,” or light-triggered by means of internal sensors; when one of them fires, all of them will fire simultaneously, so you don’t have to plug a wire from your camera into all of them during multiple-light set-ups.

NYU Interactive Telecommunication Program student Adam Harvey has harnessed this simple technology to devise a brilliant anti-paparazzi device that goes well beyond Ashton Kutcher’s Tweets: A purse with a flash sensor and flash. His clutch purse contains a sensor that is triggered by a flash going off, and it instantaneously fires its own flash, completely ruining paparazzi shots.

Harvey is currently working on the patent and hopes to have the bag ready for sale by Spring 2010.

Even if it could be made to work it wouldn’t be practical, for a start it would need a power supply, a couple of AA Batteries are not going to be able to keep up with a 580EXmkII with Rechargables and a Quantum Battery Pack, which will cycle 8 times a second. Secondly, The Handbag would have to be strategically placed to prevent the picture being usable, which is fine if there is only one photographer unless it is “omni-directional). Thirdly, how powerful has the flashgun got to be to ruin the picture, baring in mind, most night papparazzi will be shooting at F8 or smaller. Fourthly, and this is the killer, most flashgun/camera combos use a pre-flash to determine the correct exposure, this pre-flash takes place a few hundreths of a second before the main flash, this pre flash is usually strong enough to trigger any slave devices that are close by, I can’t see how this can be avoided, The device will not recharge quick enough to fire again, and whilst the picture may be a little under exposed, paparazzi will have his photograph.


Skull Candy

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Having had iPods since the 1st generation iPod was launched I have always struggled with the standard iPod headphones, but it has never been that important to me to find anything to replace them. The iPod is usually used connected to the car stereo so the fact that the standard apple headphone are crap, and uncomfortable was academic.
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Thieving Bastards

I hate thieves, not only the chavvy little retards that smash a car window to steal a collection of CDs, but also publishing houses that think that they can use your pictures and then not pay for them. I am having an ongoing argument with one such company at the moment, which shall for the time being remain nameless.

But more than I hate them, I really hate the thieving f**knuggets that steal images and re-sell them for a personal profit. There are a few on eBay at the moment, one of which is flogging pictures belonging to several colleagues of mine. This thieving retard has downloaded the Word Press Photos prize winning photographs and copied them to a CD and is flogging the CD.

This c*nt is one of them, he is listing:

Priencess Sayako of Japan-Royal Wedding Photos CD (sic)
Pope Jean Paul’s Funeral Photo Cd (sic)
Pope Jean Paul Photo Cd (sic)
Anzac Day in Gallipoli 2005
Saudi Arabian King Fahd Photo Cd
Prience Charles and Camilla-Royal Wedding Photos CD (sic)
Palestine Mourns-Yasser Arafat Photo CD

The retard has removed the World Press Photos Listing after I confronted him and explained that the images are protected works under the copyright act, and that to copy and sell them is illegal. The Twat (for that is what he must be) claimed that

“These are pictures I found on the public domain. I got them frm diffrent resources and there is no copyright on them as far as I am concerned” .(sic)

Who ever the the user (fancypictures) is if I catch up with him I shall teach him what theft is about, rapidly followed by an emergency lesson in Assault occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm, followed by a demonstration of how slow the police and ambulance response can be.

Who does this twat think he is, he thinks that he could and should make money from some-one-else’s labours.

The peddling of stolen images like this lessens the value of the originals, there will be some twat out there that thinks seeing as he has purchased them, he now owns the copyright and can place them in an image library. Every Arsehole that buys stuff like this is as deluded as the retarded cretin that is flogging them.

I would recommend to him that he gets himself a job, stops taking recreational drugs, insist that his missus go on “birth control” because I bet he is not only robbing photographers of their cash, but everyone else in the country via DSS hand outs.

Any of you lot feel like reporting him to eBay, as I (and members of have done please feel free.

Rant Over, for now.

Psst anyone wanna buy some images of ‘fancypictures’ wife being rogered by my pet pony. Going on eBay soon (but hey at least I took the photos, not a pretty sight).

Rumour has it that whilst encouraging his missus to climax, she said, “oww, is that your ring?” “No” he replied, “that’s my watch”

Today’s the day

Not sure that I should be telling anyone this. But I have quit smoking. After 20 years smoking something like 20 a day, I have finally decided to kick the habit. I am going cold turkey at the moment, my last cigarette was about 13 hours ago, and I don’t feel that I even want one at the moment. I must confess to not making it easier on myself. As I sit here there is an ashtray on the desk full of cigarette butts.

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