BBC Ban Xmas Hit

Ok slightly exaggerated, they altered the lyrics of the Pogues Fairy-tale of New York, on the basis that the word faggot was an abusive term for gays. I truly am pissed of with political correctness in country. OK the BBC backed down. Eventually when a substantial number of listeners complained.

The section that BBC Radio 1 found offensive was:

You scumbag, you maggot You cheap lousy faggot
Happy Christmas you arse I pray God its our last

Which is strange, I would have thought they would’ve been more offended by the Arse reference. I know a few people that are Arses, and they all get offended when I tell them that they are!!

However, professional arse-bandit Peter Tatchell said Radio 1’s original actions were right. “The word faggot is being sung as an insult, alongside scumbag and maggot. In this abusive context it is unacceptable,” he said.

Ohh well, I still bemoan the tragic hijacking of the word ‘gay’ in the English language. Gone are the days when it (rather sweetly) meant ‘raging homosexual’, now to most people it now just means ‘a bit shit’!


Petrol Protest Bring It On!

A group called Transaction 2007 (according to my source at are planning a nationwide protest this Wednesday. Quite what form this protest will take is unsure, hell, I hope that they bring the country to it’s knees, I am fundamentally fucked off with this Government continually shafting the driver over as an easy source of income.

With fuel well over £1.00 a litre, RFL increasing way beyond inflation and congestion charging spreading as well as the Low Emission shite that Ken “retard” Livingston is promoting it is about time we held the government not only accountable but held to fucking ransom and demand that they stop wasting our fucking money on jaunts around the world and unnecessary administrative staff policing ever more ridiculous targets Click here for more I remember photographing back in 2000 Nigel Woodier one of the ring leaders of the Dump the Pump Campaign, I hope that this one is equally as successful. Actual no I hope that it is much more successful.

Canon Piss Me Off

Useless twats at Canon have sent me, today, nearly 30 emails to inform me that my CPS (Canon Professional Service) account has expired, despite the fact that it has not. Initially I thought that it was someone spoofing their email account, but further inspection reveals that there is no malicious code attached, no links to questionable websites. NO. Just Canon’s incompetence, not content with fucking up the EOS1 D mkIII, now they seem to want to piss their customers off as well. USELESS FUCKING RETARDS

I am off to the US in a month or so, and was contemplating shifting some of my Canon kit and replacing it when I get to the states, however with the huge leap forward that Nikon have made with the D3 I am now contemplating ditching the lot and replacing it with Nikon, when a supplier pisses you off also, it hardly engenders a feeling of loyalty. Arseholes!!