Sheeit, someone turn the lights on

Wimbledon v Crawley008Bloody Hell, I had forgotten how bad football lighting can be, I used to do premiership and championship matches, and they were bad enough, last nigh I did AFC Wimbledon versus Crawley Town, and as it was a 7.45 kick off it was dark, however they didn’t turn the lights on until about 7.15, so at kick off they hadn’t reached their maximum brightness. The first half I was shooting at 3200ISO 1/200sec wide open. By the end of the second half it was 1/500 sec wide open.

The worst match (for lighting) that I ever covered was a while back. The Kingstonians went on a bit of a FA cup run, so I was sent there. From memory I was shooting at 1600ISO, on a 200mm F1.8 wide open and still only getting 1/125 second in the corners and 1/30sec in the middle of the pitch.

Is it me?

eltonjohnpaedo Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the Elton John story (about him being refused permission to adopt) and a story about the reviewing of the CRB checks for adults that have access to children appearing right next to each other on the Daily Star RSS feed, is unlikely to be a coincidence.

That’s even betterer…..

appl_mb_2006Upgraded the memory in my “new” Mackbook Pro last week, up to the maximum it can handle, (3GB) and the thing absolutely flies, Photoshop CS4 opens in a couple of seconds, transfering images from PhotoMechanic to PSCS4 takes less than a second. RAW files transfer in about a second, so it is substantially quicker than the old G4 Powerbook.

Tomorrow it will get tested in anger, as I am covering AFC Wimbledon versus Cambridge United, so will will see how it stands up.

I did temporarily upgrade to OSX 10.6 but for some reason the 3G modem is not supported so it is impossible to wire, if anyone has any workarounds for the HUAWEI 3G USB dongle (on the 3 network) I’d be pleased to hear from you.

Blimey, that’s better

appl_mb_2006My old G4 Powerbook really is on it’s last legs, So I have been hunting for a replacement, but couldn’t justify spending the best part of 2 grand on a new MacBook Pro.

So a few days watching ebay and I saw a few likely candidates, but they went for silly money. However a search of Gumtree and I found a MacBook Pro, 2.33ghz, Intel Core 2 Duo machine, with 2GB RAM, 320GB Hard disk in near mint condition with box and original disks and paperwork, in fact the remote control had never even been taken out of the box. All for £650, a quick haggle and £600 notes change hands, Deal Done!

I have spent the last day or so installing all of the software that I require, and I am gobsmacked at the difference in performance, I probably shouldn’t be too surprised, my old G4 1Ghz Powerbook is at least 6 years old, and whilst it has been upgraded in terms of memory and hard disk space, the processor was the weak link.