Project Stealth part II

Project Stealth is officially up and running. The van will be collected this week and I will do some before pictures to show what a shed the T4 is as a Van. The First job is to clear the back and run some speaker and RCA cables before the interior gets put in. I shall also install a Pioneer Sat Nav system, with a couple of extra screens, as well as TV tuners (digital and analogue) Ipod adaptor (which means no need for CD multichangers.

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Motor Sports Hints and Tips Part 5

Been a while since I updated these pages, I haven’t done any real motorsports since April 2004, and all of a sudden the season is with us.  Unlike last year the first race event of the season for me is the Bennets sponsored British Super Bike Championship. which was early in the season, i think the second race event in the series.  Rio Kio has had a fantastic start to the season, and the old man John Reynolds has stuggled, racing with a broken leg will do that for you.
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CJ a word in your shell-like!

pepperazzi2Civilian contributors have always existed in the news media, the individual who has been caught in the middle of something exciting, dramatic, dangerous or just amusing, however I am concerned how the news media especially certain sections of it, including TV and agencies such as Big are exploiting Joe Public.

Not only are they robbing individuals of their images without payment they are also stealing any future potential of these images with all-rights grabbing contracts. OK, Joe Public is partially to be blamed for being gullible twats and giving away something that could potentially be worth many thousands of pounds in re-sale value, but the agencies themselves are just thieving b@stards.

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Bloody Soap Dodgers

If you took all the students that fell asleep in class and laid them out, end to end…. they’d be an awful lot more comfortable.

I have lost count of how many bloody students email me, expecting me to do their coursework for them. Over the last couple of years I must have had 60 or 70. There are several questions that this raises: –

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ohh how the mighty have fallen..

There are just some things that make me smile, and today I have been smiling almost none stop. What is it? You may ask. Probably the thing that made me smile widest and longest was the fact that John Prescott was stripped of office, but he can keep his title.

Well no one else would really want to have any of his titles, two shags, two jags or two jabs. So the position of deputy prime minister is a lame duck, it’s office has no power, it’s holder has no talent. Prezzer’s career is effectively over, now I am just waiting for it to actually be over. Strip him of his grace and favour London home, reduce his pension, why should he have a great pension scheme when he hasn’t worked for it.

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Canon WFT-E1

A little while back I ordered a WiFi transmitter pack for the EOS1 D bodies, nobody in the UK had them in stock, and Canon couldn’t or wouldn’t commit to a delivery date. I was looking forward to the challenge of setting it up with both the PDA and Powerbook.

I have spoken to a few other togs that have tried them (both the Nikon and the Canon variants) and they have mentioned that there are a few difficulties with setting them up reliably. One of the users suggested that every time there is an Security Update with OSX is throws all the settings out. However I remain cautiously optimistic that the transmitter will work with the PDA.

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